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Glorious Summoner Chapter 281

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In the middle of the night, everything is silent, and the night sky is full of stars.

The small village by the sea is exceptionally quiet, except for the occasional dog barking from the village, only the sound of waves from the sea lapping the beach and rocks.

In the distant sea, several ships stopped quietly on the sea. Because it was too far away, in the darkness, only a few shadowy silhouettes could be seen, like islands on the sea.

The small wood house where Qiao Yuhai lived was full of darkness and silence.

Everyone in the village knows that the lonely old man often went to bed early to save money at night and did not like to light up the lights. Just like today, after the old man came back, the chimney at home smoked for a while, it should be a fire After cooking, there was no more movement in the small room.

In the darkness, an old woman carrying a flower basket, leaning on her body, filled with flowers in the flower basket, suddenly appeared in this peaceful small fishing village.

The old woman selling flowers came all the way from outside the village. She was faintly discernible, like a ghost. As the old woman selling flowers came, the barking of the dogs in the village seemed to stop.

The old woman walked outside the small wood house where Qiao Yuhai lived, and then coughed slightly and knocked on the door of the small wood house.

“Is anyone home? It’s dark and tired of selling flowers, come and beg for a bowl of water Hah!”

There was no sound in the room, but it was very abrupt. A misty thick fog poured out from the room, enveloping the entire small wood house and the people outside the room in that thick fog…

“Ai, people nowadays are becoming more and more conscientious. Am I just begging for a bowl of water? Why are you running…”

The old woman who sold flowers sighed. The little wood house was already shattered with a bang. The doors, walls, roof, and windows of the wood house were turned into thousands of pieces in an instant, moving towards the surrounding high-speed shooting… [ 19459002]

In the wood house, there is only a cloud of dark water. At the same time, the cloud of dark water is like opening a gate to the underworld. There are hundreds of pythons over ten meters long with a dark and cold atmosphere. Hundreds of human silhouettes surrounded by black water balls, hundreds of slave soldiers, hundreds of warriors on horses, giants more than seven or eight meters high, a group of black birds, tigers, wild beasts, oh la la , With the black flood, surging out from the wood house, it was like crushing this quiet mountain village to pieces.

And in the void, endless densely packed needles and threads have been densely packed around the periphery of that small wood house at some point in time.

The needle and thread are invisible. Only when

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