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Glorious Summoner Chapter 286

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However, curiosity belongs to curiosity. Xia Pingan doesn’t plan to go right away. Now he has a lot of things at his disposal. The threats of Blood Demon Religion and Huang Family have not been completely resolved. They will come one by one first.

The Five Demons of Blood Demon Religion killed one, and there were four more.

Although Huang Family the past few days disappeared and looked pitiful, they all pretended to be because the “top killer” from the Six Suns realm requested by Huang Family arrived in Beijing about ten days later.

Now he seems to be infinitely beautiful, but in fact, the capital is full of thorns and murderous intention.

Thinking of the threats, overt or under, Xia Pingan took out the “Mingjin World Pearl” and played with it when she moved her hand.

The “Mingjin Jiezhu” is dark, the rays of light are restrained, and there is only one word “钲” in the Jiezhu, which is quite interesting.

Zheng is the tool that Mingjin uses to retreat. The army goes out to fight, and the army will come back as soon as the Zheng is knocked out. It is Mingjin.

The divine sense crystal corresponding to the Mingjin Jiezhu is also black. In the black divine sense crystal, there is also a flashing text that is the same as the word “钲” in the Mingjin Jiezhu regardless of the font color.

Xia Pingan also didn’t expect Mingjin Jiezhu to be so strange.

There is no name on this Mingjin World Bead, no event, only the name of one item. Is it true that this Mingjin World Bead only needs to create a “pound” and it will be fused?

Xia Pingan thought while rubbing the Mingjin World Pearl.

Facing threats, strengthening one’s own strength is the most effective solution.

Thinking like this in her heart, Xia Pingan moved directly in her heart and pulled the rope next to the table directly.

There is a small device on the rope, which is connected to a copper bell in the secretary room outside through a copper pipe. Pull it here and the secretary outside can hear it.

“Boom…” There was a knock on the door.

“Come in!” Xia Pingan said.

“My lord, do you have any orders?” The beautiful and gentle Wei Meiyu came over.

“I want to read a document in the house. I need to be quiet. If someone comes, let him wait outside. Don’t disturb me during this time…”

“Ok, what else do I need?”

“Well, no more!”

“Then I’m going out!” Wei Meiyu left the office and carefully closed the door.

Xia Pingan summon came out of Black Dragon, touched Black Dragon’s head, let Black Dragon look at the door, then he opened the door to a lounge next to the office, walked in, closed the door, and took out the silver The needle pierced my finger, and at the same time, dripped blood on the Mingjin Realm Bead and the divine sense crystal, and the Mingjin Realm Bead began to fuse righ

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