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Glorious Summoner Chapter 284

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There are four water plants in the upper capital, and the four water plants supply water for the entire city except the imperial city.

The young man who bought the book entered the White Dragon-dong Water Plant near the White Dragon-dong Reservoir in the Western District of Shangjing. This water plant supplies water for the people of Shangjing in 1/4/2021.

Because the situation in Shangjing City is a bit tense now, the water plant has adopted the highest security measures. Outsiders are not allowed to enter the plant area. Even the staff inside the plant area can see the ground in the plant area, all divided Three lines marked red, yellow, and blue.

The area reached by the red road in the factory area is the most critical area of ​​the water plant. It is responsible for the purification and inspection of water quality. Only personnel with special passes can pass. This area is guarded by the summoner of Legion guarding. There is also an “empty door” more than two meters high. The empty door is for testing space equipment. Anyone who enters the empty door with space equipment will explode the things in the space equipment.

Entering those areas, there must be nothing in the space equipment on the body.

Everyone in Shangjingcheng has to drink water. If someone poisons everyone’s drinking water, the consequences will be disastrous. Therefore, several water plants in Shangjingcheng have the strictest security measures, which are directly controlled by the garrison Legion.

The blue road in the factory area is the road used by the technicians in charge of equipment maintenance in the factory area. The technicians in the factory area can only enter a few equipment areas and warehouses for maintenance, and cannot enter the key water purification inspection area and other key points area.

The yellow road in the factory area is the road used by the logistics and administrative staff in the factory, and the logistics and administrative staff also cannot enter the red and blue areas.

In this way, the water plant is easy to manage, and everyone’s responsibilities and activity areas are obvious at a glance.

In the factory area, soldiers of the garrison Legion with live ammunition standing on their posts can be seen everywhere.

The young man who bought the book took the blue aisle and finally entered a maintenance warehouse. He met some acquaintances along the way. Everyone called him “Xiao Liu”.

Xiao Liu’s popularity is very good, he is hardworking, and he is polite and polite to everyone. He is a skilled worker in a water plant.

“Master, I bought the book you want…” When he came to the maintenance warehouse, Xiao Liu took the book and went directly to a more than 50-year-old pressurized boiler that was repairing more than three meters high. In front of the old Master, he res

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