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Glorious Summoner Chapter 299

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“hahaha, good, good, good…” Above the Imperial Palace great hall in Qin Country, Ying Zheng’s laughter was hearty and joyful. After three good words, Ying Zheng’s voice was very loud, even great. The guards guarding outside the hall can hear it.

Manchu dynasty civil and military are in the great hall, quietly looking at the silhouette standing in the great hall.

Among a group of gray-haired wily old fox adults, Gan Luo’s twelve-year-old silhouette looks a little special.

Xia Pingan stood calmly in the great hall, the expression on his face was not half proud, but still humble and respectful, with crossed hands, like an adult.

Persuading Zhang Tang to go to Zhao State as the special envoy of Qin Country at the age of twelve, Gan Luo’s experience can be called Legendary.

Everything is the same as in the history books.

Lu Buwei stood at the forefront of the civil servants, rubbing his beards, and looking at Gan Luo with a smile. Gan Luo not only earned 16 cities for the big Qin Country this time, but also proved that Lu Buwei’s use of human eyes, his family A 12-year-old doorman in China can have this ability. Manchu dynasty civil and military, who can do this?

The same young Ying Zheng’s eyes were on Xia Pingan, nodding his head, his eyes filled with smiles, “Everything is as Gan Qing said, then Zhao State attacked Yan Country this time, and then went up the valley from Yan Country. After taking over 30 cities, Zhao State sent me 11 cities in Daqin according to the agreement between Gan Qing and them. These 11 cities, plus the five rivers that Gan Qing brought to Zhao State last time The city, this time, I don’t have to spend a single soldier, I won 16 cities, Gan Qing is young, only 12 years old, has made such a marvelous achievement, I don’t know what reward I want?”

“reporting to Your Majesty, Zhao State sent me sixteen cities to Daqin before and after. This is not Gan Luo’s work, but the Great King is wise Shenwu planning strategies governing Daqin, China There are Lu Xiang and this Manchu civil and military striving to the utmost for the Great Qin plan, and there are millions of Masters of Tigers and Wolves to frighten all directions, so that I have to go to Zhao State to get twice the results for half the effort, so Wang Zhao is convinced, if If there is no king, if there is no such thing as Lu Xiang and the ministers, if there are no borders with a million soldiers, I can say no matter how much I can say, I can’t win half an inch of land from Zhao State, so Gan Luo dare not take credit! “

Seeing that Gan Luo was so humble, it was not only Ying Zheng, but the Manchu civil and military gazes at Gan Luo changed and looked very satisfied. Even Lu Buwei was nodded with a smile.

Well, this kid is quite sensible, he really deserves to be Gan Mao’s grandson.

At this mo

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