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Glorious Summoner Chapter 302

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While Xia Pingan was enjoying the scene of dog biting pigs in the yard, a black carriage stopped at the gate of the Donggang Inspection Office, and Li Chaoming, dressed in casual clothes, got out of the car. , As soon as I entered the gate of the inspection office, I looked up and saw Xia Pingan looking at the courtyard below with a teacup moving towards the office window.

Li Chaoming quickly showed a smiling face, raised his hat, and after identifying his identity with Luo Laojiao, he moved towards the building of the Supervision Department and walked over.

A little black pig on a chain was chased by a dog and ran to Li Chaoming. He almost stepped on Li Chaoming’s leather shoes and soiled his leather shoes. Li Chaoming frowned and muttered In one sentence, “Where is the pig…” Then he kicked the little black pig to the side, and then went up the stairs of the Inspection Office building with his head upright.

Soon afterwards, Li Chaoming saw Xia Pingan again in Xia Pingan’s office.

“Hahaha, Director Li is a rare visitor, come on, please sit down, please sit down…” Xia Pingan smiled and asked Li Chaoming to sit down, “Does Director Li want some tea?”

“Master Xia is polite, you are polite, I just sit down and leave, no need to pour tea!” Li Chaoming laughed, sitting on the chair next to the small half of his butt, and then sneaking around and glanced at the office Whether the door is closed properly, it seems to be afraid of being heard.

“Why, what’s the matter with Director Li?” Xia Pingan asked.

“Master Xia…I have done everything I explained last time!” Li Chaoming said directly.

“Oh, does Yao do something often?” Xia Pingan’s eyebrows moved.

Li Chaoming was nodded, with a hint of sorrow on his face, and lowered his voice a little, “My lord, Yao Youchang was planted last night and was raped in bed, everyone was abandoned, and finally he was beaten naked. I got dizzy, put it in a sack, and threw it at the door of the Pingshan Camp of the Judgment Army to ask for a statement. I just heard the news that the Judgment Army has withdrawn from the position of the inspector of the Golden Sun, Yao Youchang. Closed up, even if Yao Youchang can come out this time, it’s over!”

Upon hearing this news, Xia Pingan was in a good mood.

Huang Family’s burdens, except Huang Family, everyone else has revenge and grievances. They are all gone, and there is also a gold medalist from the Qiyang realm. In the future, the situation in Shangjingcheng opened up and established a firm foothold. Xia Pingan didn’t believe anyone else would dare to make trouble for herself at will.

“Okay, Director Li has worked hard, Director Li’s little brother-in-law has performed well in jail during this period, so he will be reduced by two months’ penalty and will be able to go out next month. I will sen

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