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Glorious Summoner Chapter 300

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Just when Xia Pingan was fusing the beads in the lounge, the man wearing the iron mask in the room outside Xia Pingan’s office was sitting cross-legged, eyes closed, silent and motionless, like It is a sculpture.

This man can feel Xia Pingan fusing the world beads in the lounge.

Just now, when Xia Pingan had just merged Gan Luo’s world bead, the man felt the fluctuation of the divine force initiation from Xia Pingan in that room, and opened his eyes for a while. Glancing at the room, then closed it again.

The rain outside was still falling, and the Donggang Inspection Office was brightly lit, and the night in the capital gradually deepened.

Thinking of Xia Pingan in the next room fusing the beads with peace of mind, the iron-faced man’s heart is not at peace, and there is some inexplicable restlessness.

The most vulnerable time of summoner is when he is fusing the world beads. At this time, as long as he moves his finger, Xia Pingan will be finished. The restlessness in the iron-faced man’s heart is derived from the demonic voice in his heart. ——As long as you move your finger, the bastard is dead. The dignity of the powerhouse of the Seven Suns is not something that a small inspector can trample on. If Xia Pingan is dead, no one can intimidate you.

The fingers of the iron-faced man sitting cross-legged with his eyes trembling slightly, but in the end, his fingers gradually calmed down.

Annoyed to annoyed, anger to anger, unwilling to unwilling, but the reason in his heart finally calmed down the iron-faced man. He knew well what the consequences would be if Xia Pingan died in front of one’s eyes, The result would make him shudder.

Behind Xia Pingan, stood the whole ruling army and the state machinery of Dashang Country.

This is not something he can fight against, nor is it something his friends and relatives soulmate can fight against.

That bastard, Xia Pingan, got this right, so he was so relieved to bind his life to himself.

The iron-faced male leader let out a long breath, thinking to himself, fortunately, only half a year, half a year is over. This is not a long time. It is not too much to be a bodyguard next to that annoying guy. When it’s hard to get through, it’s just the cause and effect in front.

But… what kind of hot pot that guy made is quite delicious.

Until now, there is still the scent of the strong hot pot bottom in the iron-faced man’s mouth, which makes him unfulfilled.

Being bored, the iron-faced man simply put his mind in the heavy rain outside.

He likes rainy weather, the roaring thunder in the clouds, the flashing electric light, every drop of rain in the heavy rain, in his eyes, is the spirit of the water falling from the sky, the water The eyes, the ears of the water, faintly carry the breath of thunder and lightning floa

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