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Glorious Summoner Chapter 303

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“I heard that the Blood Demon Religion is making trouble in the capital these days. If you sit in the capital of Wangchuan, you can always maintain the stability of the capital. You can also suppress all the people in the Blood Demon Religion and clean up the Blood Demon Religion. For most of the remnants of the capital, the cooperation with the Great Tingguo is also very successful. The military is very satisfied, yes, yes, you did not let me down…”

In the Yannian Palace of the Imperial Palace, the emperor of Dashang Country, Your Majesty, looked at Beitang Wangchuan, and commended him with rare praise. He nodded gently, and even said two good things.

Those who are familiar with Emperor Your Majesty know that the Emperor Your Majesty is usually indifferent from emotions and anger, and rarely praises others. This time I can praise Beitang Wangchuan like this, it should be very satisfied with Beitang Wangchuan. Would say so.

The emperor of Dashang Country, Your Majesty, is named Beitangzhao, his face is similar to Beitang Wangchuan has several points of, except that the brow bones are somewhat high, the long eyebrows are like temples, the temples are slightly grayish, and the eyes are like ten thousand. zhang In the abyss, a little cold star flashed in the dark eyes, deep and unmeasurable, the breath of Beitang Zhao’s body, dragons and tigers stalking, at this moment, he is just sitting on Dragon Throne, and it also gives people a feeling of a mountain looking up. , All the people in the great hall were a little breathless and could only deal with it carefully in front of him like walking on thin ice.

“Yesterday the ruling army just killed the poisonous demon, the Blood Demon Religion and the three demon traces have not been revealed. The son-chen originally wanted to clear the blood demon religion before the Imperial Father returns. At this moment, he has not done all the work, and the son-chen is ashamed!”

Beitang Wangchuan didn’t have a trace of pride on his face, but lowered his head and said modestly.

When saying this, I don’t know why, Beitang Wangchuan thought of what Xia Pingan said to him when he saw Xia Pingan and Xia Pingan in Zhougonglou. There is a fierceness, this is a bad omen, but Young Master is in the midst of the defeated army, but there is flames burning, this is the appearance of nobles to help…”

Blood Demon Religion The five demons come to the capital is a bad omen, but two of the five demons have been killed by the ruling army because of Xia Pingan. What is this not the help of the nobles? Not to mention anything else, just talk about the water monster and the Taohuaqiao. If that time the water monster succeeded in the dragon boat race at the Taohuaqiao, the people in the capital would be killed and injured too much. This pot is his Beitang forgot to carry it. In

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