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Glorious Summoner Chapter 301

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Is this guy the one who assassinated himself?

Xia Pingan was shocked and immediately squatted down and looked at the man who was thrown on the ground like a dead dog.

The man appeared to be in his forties, his eyes closed, his face was thin, his cheekbones protruding, and the skin on his face was a bit rough and dark. An aquiline nose looked very ruthless. The most impressive thing is that The man has two thick, dark, spiral-shaped eyebrows, which turn red slightly, appearing murderous-looking.

That’s right, that guy.

This guy is also bold and decisive. The guy failed to assassinate himself the night before. He didn’t wait for a day. Knowing that he was in the inspection office, he came to the inspection office to assassinate himself again, but he didn’t expect, himself Next to him, there was already a gold medal bodyguard from the Seven Suns realm silently, causing him to bump into the iron plate.

“hahaha…” Xia Pingan laughed and stood up, “I didn’t see the wrong person, you are really good with iron face!”

“An expert in the Six Suns Realm, if I want to win him in normal times, it would not be so easy, but Celestial Phenomenon was in my favor last night. He was out of luck, so he won it!” Tie Mian said in a tranquil voice.

“How is this person now, are you okay?”

“It’s okay, I just stunned and suffered a little bit of flesh and blood. I have sealed his secret mandala with a needle, and he can’t use the divine force now…”

“This guy almost killed me, didn’t expect to have today, haha, sorry, I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about this guy on the ground…” Xia Pingan looked at the man on the ground, The last time I moved, I took out a gold ticket of 20,000 Gold Coins and handed it to the iron face, “For you!”

Tiemian looked at the gold ticket in Xia Pingan’s hand, but did not accept it, but his eyes moved, and calmly asked, “What does this mean?”

“It’s not interesting, it’s just for you. I know you are short of money. The cultivation has reached your level. Now you buy boundary beads, medicine pill, and divine sense crystals. All kinds of cultivation resources cost a lot of money. Those of you who want to help, your soulmate wants to fight the oiran, want a beauty pageant to be comfortable, no money is needed, if there is no shortage of money, you will not owe the favor to the Huang Family before, you are my bodyguard and you do not do it in vain, you give I solved the big troubles, and naturally got the rewards I deserved. After a long time with me, you will know that being my bodyguard is actually not unacceptable!”

Listening to these words of Xia Pingan, the iron-faced man felt a little urge to cry.

Yes, the iron-faced man is very short of money. What about the summoner of the Qiyang Realm? Without money, here is the capital city, which is impossible

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