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Glorious Summoner Chapter 293

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In the carriage, Mrs. Xuan is a little dazzlingly beautiful. She is wearing a black skirt and is holding an orange tabby cat. The jewelry on her body is all valuable and her temperament is like a wealthy lady. She smiled and used a kind of Looking at Xia Pingan who got into the car with a different look, “I haven’t seen him for many days, Young Master Xia like a fish back in water in the capital, like a dragon and a cloud, it’s a bright future. There is only one side of fate on that day. I thought Master Xia Young would not remember me!”

“Madame joked, I was just eating a bowl of rice in Shangjing. Everyday all lives a precarious life, it is true that it is full of thorns!” Xia Pingan sat next to Madam Xuan in a relaxed posture, as if Mrs. Xuan has become a good friend for many years.

“The day Xia Young Master said, if I have trouble in the capital, I will see each other day after day, if you can help me, you must pay back my favor. I don’t know if your words are still worth it. Doesn’t count?” Madam Xuan said, her words were as sharp as a knife, and she was straight to the point.

“What is the embarrassment for Mrs. May?”

“There is one, but Xia Young Master can help.”

“Oh, what’s the matter?”

“But Young Master detained a freighter at the dock, Fulong?”

“Not bad!” Xia Pingan said directly with her eyes moving.

“Frankly, the Fulong has something to do with me. I don’t know if Young Master can look at my thin noodles and lift the Fulong’s seizure procedures, so if a ship is detained and can’t move, the owner will have to do it every day. Paying for the expenses on the terminal, but also to bear the responsibility for breach of the cargo transportation agreement signed with other Business Group Trading Company later. It may get wind and rain, rumors are everywhere, and some are overwhelming…”

Xia Pingan was light flashed in his eyes, and asked directly, “Madam, what does the Nafulong involve?”

Mrs. Xuan sighed slightly, “Young Master knows that there are many nobles in the capital, and the nobles are expensive, and naturally they will be short of money. They actually regret that they have been embarrassed with Young Master in the first place. The friendship between those nobles is difficult to calculate. Accounts, human affection and sophistication cannot be explained clearly in a single sentence. Some things are entrusted by others, and they can’t be dealt with. They can only come forward. The original intention was not to be embarrassed with Young Master. I don’t think Young Master wants to be embarrassed with the Fulong business this time. I got bigger, so I handed over the power to the emperor His Highness the Crown Prince. Those nobles also know what Young Master means. I will also help those nobles to mediate with the Young Master. This is the end. This time The past

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