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Glorious Summoner Chapter 297

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After the heavy rain, today’s Shangjing City is destined to be a little restless…

Just when Xia Pingan was able to integrate the beads with confidence, Golden Sun inspected Yao Youchang to get off a rental carriage and walk into an apartment.

What is different from normal times is that the golden sun inspectors make Yao’s travels at this moment a bit low-key, without attendants crowding round. He wore a black hat and a black windbreaker, lowered the brim, and pulled The collar of the windbreaker covered most of his slightly swollen face, and he was holding an umbrella.

“Damn it, this spooky weather…” The stagnant water on the side of the road wet Yao You’s bright leather shoes, and he couldn’t help but cursed annoyed.

This rainy day made him a little irritable. Now Yao is often and doesn’t like rain very much. The day when Xia Pingan was intercepted last time, it seemed to be such a heavy rain. As a result, on that day, Yao had often worked in the inspection office. The front of the hand was sweeping with majesty, and since then, he didn’t like this kind of weather, because this kind of weather always reminded him of the person he lost in front of Xia Pingan that day.

In the past few days, although the people in the Supervision Department are still respectful and respectful to him, Yao Youchang even feels that the people in the Supervision Department have looked behind him a little bit differently from before. It seems that there is something more. There seems to be something missing again, very subtle, beyond words.

Since Xia Pingan peacefully left the Pingshan camp of the Judging Army, and was given the ruling scepter, the eyes of those in the Golden Sun Inspection Office looked at him gradually changed.

Xia Pingan couldn’t work hard, and even after the “relationships” he was proud of in the Pingshan camp failed, Yao Youchang had some insomnia recently.

Especially in such a rainy day, the depression and irritability in my heart, and the suffocating fire, finally turned into a full of lust, which made Yao often have an impulse to vent.

When entering the apartment, Yao Youchang looked around astutely and found that there was nothing unusual on the street, so he took the umbrella and walked into the apartment.

The doorman of the apartment didn’t know Yao Youchang, but he felt that the man had a familiar face, and he often went to the apartment. He should be a frequent visitor to the apartment, so he didn’t bother and let Yao go upstairs.

This apartment is a high-level apartment in Shangjing. It is located in Golden Sun District, near a prosperous Commerce District in Golden Sun District. There are many people coming and going every day. Outside the apartment is the famous jewelry street in Shangjing. , Is most popular with those ladies and wives who are in pursuit o

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