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Glorious Summoner Chapter 294

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Half an hour later, the rental carriage arrived at the entrance of the Donggang Inspection Office. Xia Pingan got out of the car, paid the fare, and walked straight into the inspection office.

There are many carriage dealers in the upper capital. The driver belongs to other dealers outside of Donggang District and doesn’t know Xia Pingan.

Luo Laojiao and his dog ran out from the concierge to greet Xia Pingan, Luo Laojiao’s waist almost bent to the ground, “My lord, here you are…”

Xia Pingan slightly nodded

The people at the Supervision Department still don’t know the life and death test Xia Pingan went through last night, and everything is business as usual.

Xia Pingan came a little earlier today, much earlier than usual. After entering the inspection office, he found that the squads in the inspection office were still there. A group of people chatted in the office area, the atmosphere, and work It’s no different for the races to come to the company.

“You don’t know, when we found that guy with Black Dragon yesterday, the guy was as white as paper, and his body was shaking. I didn’t believe we found him so soon…” Long Chao’s men One of the team members was bragging and dancing.

“Ha, with Black Dragon, it will be easier for us to solve those cases in Donggang District in the future…”

“Of course, Black Dragon is already famous now, it is the mascot of our Donggang Inspection Office!”

“Okay, are you trying to say that you are inferior to a dog?” Hua Ziqin said coldly, raising her eyebrows next to her, ending the chat in an instant.

Then everyone saw Xia Pingan.

“My lord…” Everyone hurriedly stood upright.

“Captain from each team, come to my office…” Xia Pingan didn’t say much, said directly, and moved towards his office.

Xia Pingan came to the office. Wei Meiyu, wearing a blue dress, thoughtfully made a cup of hot tea. Xia Pingan only drank a few sips of tea. The 6 squad Captains of the Donggang Inspection Office have all arrived. Xia Pingan’s office.

Captain of Team 1 is Fan Gang, Captain of Team 2 is Long Chao, Captain of Team 3 is Hua Ziqin, Captain of Team 4 is called Fang Nu, Team 5 is Captain Dongmen Yong, Team 6 is Captain Situ Hua, all All of them stood in Xia Pingan’s office. No one dared to be late. Everyone came to the office with serious faces, and they didn’t dare to show any sloppy expressions.

“My lord, do you have any orders?” After several Captain’s eyes touched each other for a while, Situ Hua was the first to ask with a thick-skinned face.

“Well, there is something, you may be a little busy today, everyone has to move and catch some people!” Xia Pingan put down the tea cup and said directly.

“Ah, catch people, catch who?” Situ Hua then asked.

“I encountered an assassination last night. I suspect that this assassina

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