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Glorious Summoner Chapter 298

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Li Chaoming knew that after doing this today, he will be a grasshopper on the same line with Xia Pingan. No, he is a grasshopper, and that line is in Xia Pingan’s hands.

But the situation is better than people, and he has to do so.

The only thing that gave Li Chaoming some comfort is that the fellow Yao Youchang is not a good bird. He used to rely on himself as an inspector and tyrannize in the golden sun district. He was domineering in front of him and did not treat him at all. Keep it in the eye.

The feeling of knocking down the great character made Li Chaoming a little scared, but also a kind of unspeakable excitement. The adrenaline in his body was soaring.

“dong dong dong……” A knock on the door came from outside the private room.

“Come in…” Li Chaoming complied and turned around.

A lean-looking man in plain clothes and a hat walked in, came to Li Chaoming’s side, bowed slightly, “My lord, things are done!”

“Guo Sen, you have worked hard!” Li Chaoming said, he had already taken out a gold ticket with a denomination of 1000 Gold Coin and handed it over, “You will hide outside for a few days. I have arranged it for you. Wait for it. When things are over, you come back again, I will keep you the post of Security Captain of Golden Sun District Police Station!”

“Thank you, my lord, for cultivating and doing things for the adults. The adults are worthy of me. I can rest assured that there is no trace of this incident. The letter was delivered by me personally, without the hands of others. I will say that this matter is me. What I want to do, during the last investigation, Yao Youchang slapped me in the teahouse. I have long seen that Yao Youchang was not pleasing to the eye, and I hold my grudges. This time I am taking revenge on him. Adults have nothing to do, I am waiting for adult summon at any time!” The man named Guo Sen did not receive the gold ticket. After speaking, he slowly exited the room, and then closed the door again.

Li Chaoming didn’t expect his own subordinates, usually low-key and stable, but at this time, they are so sensible.

Well, this is better!

Li Chaoming completely sighed in relief, with a smile on his face.


More than half an hour later, the black carriage that had left the apartment building outside arrived at the gate of the Pingshan Camp of the Judging Army.

The Royal City Guard officer got out of the car with a cold face, carrying a sack in his hand, and under the watchful eyes of several sentries at the gate of Pingshan Camp of the Judging Army, he walked step by step to the gate of Pingshan Camp.

“This is the Pingshan Camp of the Judgment Army, and people stopped…” A Judging Army guarding the door raised his hand, coldly said.

The emperor City Guard officer did not speak, but stood outside the yellow line of

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