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Glorious Summoner Chapter 296

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“This capital city is not an ordinary place. You told me to listen to you within a year. If you let me kill people and set fires, go to imperial city, should I go too? Beautiful!” The man looked at Xia Pingan coldly.

“Haha, of course I will not let you do these things, I am an inspector, how can I know the law and break the law, we can agree, I will never let you do things that violate the law and discipline, bully the weak It’s even more impossible to deliberately let you go to death. You are a powerhouse in the Seven Suns realm, and I can’t force you. However, if I am in danger, some gangsters will take action against me. As my bodyguard, you have to help me block it!” Xia Pingan remain calm and composed while handling pressing affairs said.

“It’s that simple?” The person’s eyes moved.

“It’s that simple!” Xia Pingan nodded,

“One year is too long, at most half a year, and I will only be your bodyguard!”

“It’s okay for half a year, but if I was injured by assassin in the past six months, even if I lose a hair, it is that you deliberately condone and want to murder a person with a borrowed knife, and this account will still be on your head. On the previous page, all my previous promises will be invalidated, and those people I let go today, I can still catch them back!” The two are just as if they are negotiating, bit by bit fighting for their own interests.

“If you provoke the powerhouse of the Eight Suns Realm and the Nine Suns Realm, do you want me to carry thunder for you?”

“No matter what the reason, if someone above the Seven Suns Stage takes action against me, you can ignore me and save your life, but those below the Seven Suns Stage will hurt me, that’s your responsibility!” [ 19459002]

The man pondered for a moment, and did not see any weak spots and traps from these conditions of Xia Pingan. He focused his eyes and made up his mind, “Just half a year?”

“It’s only half a year!” Xia Pingan affirmed nodded, “Originally, it will take at least 20 years for the things you committed to go to jail, and the people around you will be implicated by you. Now you only need to be by my side for half a year, all of us The grievances will be wiped out, and you don’t have to take too much risk. If you are unwilling to this condition, then I can only doubt whether you want to solve this problem!”

“Okay, then half a year, it’s a deal!”

“it’s a deal!” Xia Pingan smiled. He stood up, walked to the desk, and pulled the rope bell. Only a few seconds later, Qi Dafeng came to Xia Pingan’s office.

Qi Dafeng’s eyes didn’t dare to glance at him, as if he hadn’t seen one more person in Xia Pingan’s office.

“All the people caught today are released, let the people from the car dealership send them back!” Xia Pingan directly ordered Qi Dafeng.



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