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Glorious Summoner Chapter 23

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Xia Pingan, with her eyes closed, knew nothing of the outside world. After everything in the ancient tribe disappeared into a cloud of light, Xia Pingan felt that there was a wave of energy in her whole body. It washed his whole body for a while, making his whole body numb, like a gentle stream of electric current flowing in his body, unexplainably comfortable.

In the washing of that energy over and over again, Xia Pingan felt that the meridian skeleton of her body was peeled off layer by layer, and some impurities in the body were squeezed out of her body by that energy. went.

When the comfortable feeling completely disappeared, Xia Pingan immediately "sees" that there is a mysterious space in her Sea of ​​Consciousness. The black mist in the space is faint, and in the black mist, it seems There is an illuminated cave.

A group of golden flames was burning on the ground of a cave. The light of golden flames dispelled the darkness around the Sea of ​​Consciousness Space and opened up a small piece of light in the Sea of ​​Consciousness. area.

Behind the golden flame is a white jade relief of Suirenshi with ancient flavor. The color of the characters on the white jade relief is the same as the background color. They are all sheep fat, but the relief is on Behind Suirenshi, there is a group of brightly colored flame Totem, which is vivid...

Above the flame Totem and the stone wall, there are sixteen groups larger than the Fire Insect, almost containing pigeons. The egg-sized golden spherical light spot is floating, and there is a boundless black mist around the light spot.

Xia Pingan touched one of the light spots with consciousness, and the light spot floated away and then floated back.


The burning golden sacred fire did not respond when touched with consciousness.

The sculpture of Suirenshi on the stone wall didn’t respond when touched with consciousness, but the very vivid flames behind Suirenshi, Totem, when touched with consciousness, Xia Pingan felt The flame Totem fell into the hollow, giving Xia Pingan the feeling that something could be filled in.

The gain this time seems not small!

Xia Pingan's consciousness moved. He thought for a while, instead of doing anything rashly, he withdrew his consciousness from the mysterious realm of Sea of ​​Consciousness, and then opened his eyes.

Still in room 999, everything in the room has not changed.

Isn't it said that there is a mystery of the boundary between the fusion beads?

But Xia Pingan, who opened her eyes, found that she could remember everything that happened in the world pearl!

The experience of becoming a Suirenshi tribe in the world pearls is still vivid.

The Mystery of the Boundary actually doesn't work for you?

The so-called fusion of the Divine Fire Realm Pearl is the proc

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