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Glorious Summoner Chapter 19

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Until dawn, the sun came out, and the people who had been guarding the lights all night returned to the black building of the Commission of Order, like nighthawks returning home, and started to return one by one. I went to my room and slept until noon. Everyone got up again, ate in the restaurant, met...

Xia Pingan the past few days is to meet you in the restaurant during lunch. On the other hand, most of the other time, he either practiced shooting at the shooting range, or just looked at the information and documents in the reference room, and the time passed every day was fulfilling.

Xia Pingan also knows what other people are going to do at night, but he can't help at all, so he can only stay at the headquarters in the city.

"Get ready, the provincial inspector will come this afternoon. After talking with you, you are ready to fuse the Divine Fire Realm Pearl in the afternoon!" Mo Yanshao said, the eyes of the people around the restaurant , All fell on Xia Pingan's face.

Xia Pingan nodded, "It doesn’t matter if you fail?"

"It’s okay, in fact, failure is the norm when fusing the world beads. Being awakened, it can successfully merge three consecutively. The Foundation Establishment Boundary Bead becomes a summoner, less than one-fifth, but even if one or two can be combined, it will be good..." Mo Yanshao said.

"hahaha, kid, come on!" Li Yunzhou patted Xia Pingan's shoulder broadly, looking like a person who came over, "When you become a summoner, you will be called senior again, and it will be justified!"

"Thanks Senior for your encouragement, I will work hard!" Xia Pingan laughed.


At one o'clock in the afternoon, a black car drove in from the gate of the Order Committee and stopped at the gate of the black building.

A driver got out of the car first, and then opened the back door of the black car.

A silver-haired and elegant old lady in a light green suit, a light green hat decorated with beautiful feathers, and a dark blue handbag got out of the car.

The old lady is not sure whether she is 70 or 80 years old, but she has a good complexion, her back is straight, her eyes are bright, the skin on her face is smooth, and she does not seem to have many wrinkles.

Is the provincial inspector actually such a lovely and elegant old lady?

Xia Pingan froze for a moment, but Mo Yanshao next to him had already strode forward, with a careful smile on his face. "Mrs. Qian, didn't expect you to come here in person this time. Is the road going smoothly?"

"It's okay. Now that I am older, I will run in the province. If it is too far away, I won't run away... "The old lady said with a nice smile," listen. Say you started lighting up the lights with someone again in the past few days?"

"Well, the past few days in Xianghe City is not peaceful, it can only be a littl

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