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Glorious Summoner Chapter 22

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unconsciously, almost an hour has passed.

In the lobby of the information center, in addition to Mo Yanshao, Tu Polu, Cao Xinghua, An Qing, and Fang Lingshan also came here one after another, standing or sitting in the lobby, all watching The picture in room 999 uploaded from the display.

Doctor Huang and Old Zhou also came.

The cocoon on the screen is still motionless for more than an hour.

For every summoner, this is the most important and dangerous moment in life. In that group of light cocoons, some people can break out of the cocoon, turn the cocoon into a butterfly, and finally become In summoner, when the light cocoon is broken, it is when the head explodes and the body is in a different place. Everything is unknown.

The guy in the light cocoon is not too familiar with everyone, but in any case, it is also everyone's colleague, or may become a colleague.

The mood of everyone at this moment is a bit like those waiting outside the emergency room, but also a bit like those waiting for the lottery draw result, in a slight anxiety, but also with anticipation.

"This mystery of the realm is really powerful. I tried to fuse the realm bead back then, but I don’t know why a smart and excellent person like me, who has never even tried the first test, even the god fire realm bead. If they couldn't merge, they failed, and it became a lifetime regret..." Old Zhou and Mo Yan said little, sighing with their own experiences back then.

Old Zhou was the champion of the college entrance examination, proud and arrogant, and his lifelong pursuit of becoming a summoner was his lifelong pursuit of becoming a summoner. He also passed the college entrance examination physical examination and had the opportunity to try to integrate the bead, but he didn’t expect and Old Zhou was the first The test fails, and the chance to become a summoner is lost forever.

It was this failure that made Old Zhou's personality drastically changed at that time. He was depressed for a long time, and he was no longer proud and arrogant.

"Since ancient times, many people who claim to be geniuses also stopped in this first test. No one can know what will happen after the fusion of the world beads, and what will happen after the fusion of the world beads. , It's all on the individual!" Mo Yanshao comforted.

"Guess that kid can pass this level?"

"I don't guess, time will tell me the answer!" Mo Yanshao shook the head.

At this moment, the door of the hall was pushed open, and Li Yunzhou walked in with a shrunken head, his eyes scanned everywhere, "Should the inspector from the provincial department leave?"

No one cares about him.

The inspectors sent by the provincial ministry are all awakened with mind-reading ability. No one wants to stay with people who have strong mind-reading ability, be with such

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