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Glorious Summoner Chapter 18

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The alley is in the middle of several residential buildings. There were street lights in the alley, but some of the street lights have been broken recently. The municipal department has not had time to fix it. The lights in the alley are far away. It looked bright and dark. Especially in the middle of the night, the dim alley was twisty and secluded, and it was not very friendly to the night returners who had to pass through the two surrounding communities through the alley.

An orange taxi stopped at the alley. The door of the taxi opened. Two women wearing black miniskirts and high heels, a little drunk, got out of the car.

Both women are no longer young, only a little youthful tail can be seen, and the faces of both of them have the kind of very special wind and dust atmosphere left by the night club that has been mixed for many years. It is difficult to distinguish the dusty breath, and the woman with that breath is like a flower stained with oil. People who understand, just look at it and understand.

The uncle who drove the taxi collected the money, whistled at the two women, stared fiercely on the twisted buttocks and waists of the two women before stepping on it. Throttle, a little bit reluctant to leave.

There are still lights at the alleyway. On the floor of the alleyway, there are a few piles of burnt paper money. The two women carefully avoided the burnt paper money, and moved towards the alley with some trepidation.

A cold wind blew in the alley, blowing the ashes of the paper money on the ground, and the deep alley looked a little gloomy inexplicably.

The sound of two people’s high heels echoed in the alley, like a frightened deer. The street lamp stretched the shadows of the two people and pressed them tightly on the ground. Writhing on the ground.

"May, let's live in another place..." A woman trembling in her teeth, hugging another woman's arm tightly, said, "Every night I come back to this alley, I am afraid …"

"Lili, what's so scary!" The woman named Ami pretended to be calm, "Isn’t it just the last time I met a little gangster, that little gangster would dare to mop up some oil? , If you spend a few words on your lips, we will not lose a piece of meat. Besides, the rent here is cheap. We come back from work and are near. Such a cheap and convenient house is hard to find..."

The somewhat worried moved towards the dark alley named Lili took a look at the depths of the dark alley, "You said that the little gangster will be in the alley tonight?"

"Whether he is there or not? , His kind of rascal, holding a knife is to scare people, I dare not do anything..."

Two women walked in the alley, but they didn’t notice that the shadows behind them were twisting abnormally. Now, it is very inconsistent with their steps, it seems that something wants to come out of the shad

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