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Glorious Summoner Chapter 21

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As Xia Pingan, who has obtained a master’s degree in history from the Yuanmingyuan Vocational and Technical Academy in his previous life, he just took a few glances at the scene in front of him to be sure that this tribe is in the old An ancient tribe in the Stone Age.

The race of the tribe, from the appearance, is the ancestor of the Chinese people. Judging from the vegetation around the tribe, the tribe should be located in a certain area north of the Yangtze River.

Xia Pingan saw his familiar horse chestnuts, neem trees, chrysanthemums and white birches in the surrounding forests. There were also bushes such as firethorn and wheat plum on the nearby hillside.

Xia Pingan does not agree with some historians who use polished stone tools as the standard for the classification of the New Paleolithic Age. Such a determination is rigid and funny, which is different from the objective development law of history.

According to that standard of identification, ancient people used various methods such as knocking anvils, wrestling, and hammering to make stone tools, which shows that he was in the Paleolithic period. To grind, he is living in the Neolithic Age.

Under such a classification standard, in the same tribe, if some ancient people were smarter, they felt that they would use the anvil method, the fall method, the hammer method, the smash method, and the indirect attack. These historians "verified" and "invented" various methods of making stone tools that were not satisfied. He took the stone and simply polished it. Then, according to the standards of some historians, the tribe was Don’t you live both in the Paleolithic and Neolithic?

The standard for dividing the two eras is to presume that all the ancients would only hammer, throw, hit, beat, and toss when holding a stone, instead of simply grinding it?

In Xia Pingan's view, such a standard is too mechanical and rigid. It was made on the assumption that there was no intelligent person among the ancients.

The true classification standard of Ancient Era, Xia Pingan has insisted in his previous life that whether the ancients thoroughly mastered fire, a means of transforming nature and conquering nature, and the most critical energy source.

The ancients who could make use of the fire from thunder-fire and volcanic eruptions lived in the old fire age, and the ancients who could make fire by themselves were to make fire in the new fire age.

Suirenshi is the only documented pioneer in the new fire era of mankind, and the great contribution of the Chinese ancestors to the entire human civilization!

If you master fire, you will master the most important energy source of this era. Productivity will be greatly improved. Fire can be used to make various tools and pottery, process a variety of foods, tribal populations can reproduce sta

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