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Glorious Summoner Chapter 24

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The underground comprehensive training field of the Special Operations Department of the Xianghe City State Order Committee is larger than a football field.

There are a variety of training facilities and equipment in this training ground, as well as a runway. Whether it is a hot or cold weapon or a summoner’s Summoning Spell method, here, there is enough room and space to perform training.

A bunch of people's scorching eyes fell on Xia Pingan's face. This battle was a little bit beyond Xia Pingan's expectation. It was just a fusion of the gods and fire world beads. Didn't expect so many people Waiting for yourself here.

Xia Pingan touched her face, "Is there a flower on my face, why do you look at me like that?"

"There are no flowers on your face, but it blends perfectly The effect looks really good, haven't you noticed that your skin has improved? It's really enviable!" An Qing smiled slightly, and said first.

Fang Lingshan heard it, but she was also nodded.

Women’s concerns are so different.

Actually, Xia Pingan also discovered that when he was taking a bath just now, he washed away the gray matter on his skin, and he found that his skin had improved a little. Under the skin, a layer of light was faintly revealed. The whole person looks a little more handsome than before.

"Generally, the divine force obtained by fusing the divine fire world beads is below 16 points. Of course, the effect of divine force initiation and cutting is not so powerful as the perfect fusion!" Mo Yan said less.

Li Yunzhou came over, patted Xia Pingan's shoulder with a grin, grinning, "Boy, yes, I didn't disappoint, do you feel the summon position of your Fireball Technique? "

Seeing that Li Yunzhou is so shameless, the posture of Xia Pingan teacher, all the people next to him are rolling their eyes.

"Li Yunzhou, do you want to point your face? You don't even have the ability to perfectly integrate the Shenhuo Realm Bead. Xia Pingan's perfect integration of the Shenhuo Realm Bead has a relationship with you..." Tu Polu said directly.

"Why is it okay, he is the newcomer I brought, I am the leader of his becoming a summoner, his success is naturally inseparable from my guidance, if you don’t believe me, ask Xia Pingan, I the past Did he teach him a lot of things in a few days! Old Tu, are you jealous?" Li Yunzhou argued with the courage of one's convictions.

Xia Pingan slightly smiled, "I just became a summoner, and there are still many things I don’t understand. I’m about to ask the senior for advice!"

Li Yunzhou proudly lost one to Tu Polu "I see it" wink, and after two soft coughs, he explained to Xia Pingan, "You said before that you felt that Sea of ​​Consciousness can be connected to, and that place is the summon mandala condensed by summoners. Since you have ignited it After the s

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