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Glorious Summoner Chapter 20

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Suirenshi is the Number One Person who brings the light of fire to Chinese civilization and even mankind!

In Western legends, it was Prometheus who brought fire and light to mankind, and Prometheus was a god rather than a man, but in China, it was Suirenshi, the ancestor of China. Suirenshi is a man, not a god, who invented wood to make fire and got fire.

Therefore, the genetic divide of civilization has emerged-one is Divine Palm to rule everything, and the other is that humans can also become gods!

Because the historical line is completely different, this World does not have Nuwa Empress to fill the sky, so this World also has no Suirenshi legend at all!

What do the three words Suirenshi on this sacred fire world pearl mean?

Is the igniting of the sacred fire of summoner related to Suirenshi?

The similarities between the two are fire!

Xia Pingan's heart was overwhelmed, holding the world bead, almost stunned.

The impact of this small bead on Xia Pingan at this moment is no less than the impact this World has brought to Xia Pingan over the past two decades.

Xia Pingan's heart was beating wildly, and she faintly felt that a door to New World was slowly opening to herself, and the world behind the door made him tremble.

And when Xia Pingan was in a daze, on the wall in front of Xia Pingan, a huge display screen slid down from the wall, and an indifferent face appeared on the electronic display, and his voice was also Suddenly sounded in the room.

There are call and monitoring equipment in this room, which is convenient for people outside to grasp the situation in the room. People in the room can also communicate with the outside world through the equipment here, consult, and prepare for integration for the first time. For the people in Jiezhu, this arrangement should be more friendly.

Because many people were very nervous when they first merged with the realm beads, even at a loss.

"Xia Pingan, now you are in front of the God-Fire Realm Orb. Before the fusion begins, you don’t need to be nervous. The summoner is mysterious and powerful. Many people think that the summoner is an untouchable existence, with doubts and even low self-esteem. , But in fact, as long as a person with a normal mind and a sound body, regardless of status, after the age of 18, it is possible to become a summoner, and they can merge with the world beads. In ancient times, some powerful summoners did not even become summoners before they became summoners. I know the writing and ink, I haven’t read much, so you don’t need to be nervous..."

At this time, Xia Pingan, who is staring at the upper world bead, is still immersed in the three words on the world bead. In the shock, his thoughts diverged, and the indifferent words just echoed in his ears, and he didn't even look up at the front disp

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