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Glorious Summoner Chapter 337

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In a room on the first floor of a hotel more than a thousand meters away from the Donggang Inspection Office, Yan Xi took Xia Pingan and got out of the ground without any sound.

“Your speed of escape is a bit slow. Last time Lin Yi took me to escape, it seems to be much faster than yours!” The dust on Xia Pingan patted was ready to change clothes.

The scene just performed in the yard of the Supervision Department has excellent sound and light effects, that is, his clothes have been burned a bit and must be replaced. Fortunately, he was originally here to change. Outfit.

Yan Xi who did a coolie gave Xia Pingan a silent glance, and said to his heart, “Can I be compared with Lin Yi? Why don’t you compare me with Beitang Zhao? Although he muttered in his heart, Yan Xi said What came out was, “Can you give me another hour?”

Xia Pingan glanced at Yan Xi, “What are you going to do for an hour?”

“I have a bit of personal grievances, or if this matter is resolved, I will not be able to sleep in the future!”

“You want to kill?”

“Don’t kill!” Yan Xi said quickly.

“Okay, you go, I’ll give you another hour…”

Yan Rhinoceros let out a long breath, “I will be back soon…”, after saying this, the Yan Rhinoceros turned into a puff of black smoke in the next second, plunged into the ground and disappeared in an instant .

Only Xia Pingan was left in the room. Xia Pingan quickly took off all of her clothes, and then looked in the mirror in the room, straightened out the hair for herself, after finishing the hair, flushed in the room After taking a shower, I took out a new set of clothes from the warehouse and put on a Ruyi mask. After a while, I stood in front of the mirror in the room and Xia Pingan could hardly recognize herself.

In front of the mirror, there is a man in his thirties with short hair, and the beard on his chin and lips is cleanly shaved, showing a shallow blue undertone. The man’s face is a little thin and his eyes are a little small, but He looks very energetic, wearing a decent but inconspicuous gray coat and black trousers. The coat is wearing a light blue linen shirt and a waistcoat. Inside the waistcoat is a silver chain of a pocket watch, gentle harmless to humans and animals. .

“A second pair of glasses will look more like…” Xia Pingan said, and with a move of her hand, she took out a pair of slightly old-fashioned tortoiseshell glasses from the space warehouse. Once the glasses were put on, it looked like Feel more.

With another hand movement, a half-old brown and yellow suitcase appeared next to him. Xia Pingan carried the suitcase and looked at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t find the slightest problem.

The Ruyi mask will be seen through by Beitang Wangchuan, but there is only one Beitang Wangchuan in the entire Upper Capital. There will nev

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