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Glorious Summoner Chapter 335

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In the Imperial Study Room of Dashang Country Imperial Palace, Emperor Bei Tangzhao of Dashang Country looked at the “Shang Jing Daily” on his desk and broke out into laughter caused by anger.

“Hahaha, interesting, interesting, a Blood Demon Religion dream demon actually gave me a war letter on the “Shang Jing Daily”, mocking me for no way to govern the country, no way to govern my family, and made it well known in the capital. , Very good, very good…”

Bei Tangzhao was smiling, but in the wrinkles between the corners of his eyes and eyebrows, there seemed to be icy edges, and the breath on his body gradually became violent.

The few people standing in the Imperial Study Room were silent, without saying a word…

The ruling army commander Lin Yi!

Guardian Legion leads Long Chaoyun!

Fang Qiqiu, the commander of Huangchengwei!

The three great characters that hold the strongest military force in the capital are all standing here!

At this moment, the sky has just brightened, and after the silence and disturbance in the middle of the night, Shangjing has restarted a vibrant day.

The three leaders in the Imperial Study Room were summoned to the Imperial Study Room by Beitang Zhao after the incident of Fengtai Mountain broke out in the early hours of last night.

The newspaper was quietly delivered by a servant. After reading the contents of the newspaper, the atmosphere in the study seemed to be ignited.

Lin Yi knew that although Bei Tangzhao was smiling at this moment, his murderous intention could no longer be suppressed. He had just glanced at the content in the newspaper, and he was frightened and felt that he was sighed in relief. , The mood is a bit complicated.

Did you blame Xia Pingan wrongly? Is Hongye Villa really crooked? The ruling army also made great contributions?

Lin Yi’s heart was tumbling with thoughts that others didn’t know, but his face remained calm, but a little guilty.

“The action of the Judging Army last night allowed the Dream Demon to escape, and the Judging Army was ineffective in suppressing the demons. Please also Your Majesty to atone for the crime!” Lin Yi proactively admitted his mistake. “The content in this newspaper is bold and dare to slander and provoke Your Majesty, so the minister will arrange a thorough investigation and seizure of these newspapers…”

“Take a thorough investigation, what is there to investigate…” Bei Tangzhao glanced at the newspaper, coldly smiled, holding his hands up, all arrogantly imperial,” Printed by Shangjing Daily Even if the factory workers had the courage to print such content in newspapers, the workers in the factory would not dare to print such content in the newspapers. They were just a few puppets controlled by the dream monsters, and they were also victims. It was the dream monsters w

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