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Glorious Summoner Chapter 340

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“Is this the collision between Divine Kingdom…?”

Above the Pingshan Mountain, Lin Yi stood in his yard, raised his head, whispered to himself softly, watching the terrifying collision of fire in the sky, his eyes divine light…

The array densely covering the entire Upper Capital isolates the collision from the sky outside the large array. The people in the large array, like seabed creatures, can only look up at Beitang Zhaohe above the large array. The two top summoners of Zu Sky are competing.

There are several millions of summon creatures fighting in the sky of the capital city. Every second, countless summon creatures fall, but countless summon creatures appear continuously.

In the night sky, half is red and half is golden. The soldiers and puppets of both sides are continuously pouring out from the faintly discernible Divine Kingdom one after another and rushing to the battlefield.

The collision between Divine Kingdom is like two different spaces squeezed together, squeezing and colliding with each other, you can imagine the formidable power in it, because of the squeezing friction of Divine Kingdom, in the void, there is Countless electric lights and lightning are emerging, beating, roaring, and then being blocked by the large array of the capital.

In such a terrifying collision, the Nine Suns realm may still have a chance to escape. The summoners below the Nine Suns realm are involved in the fight of this several millions summon army, and they will instantly become scum.

Any one of the two people in the sky has the power to destroy the city and the country with a hand up.

The collision of Divine Kingdom between Demi-God shook the heart of every summoner in the upper capital. All summoners, after seeing such a battle, can’t help substituting themselves into it, and imagine that they are in it. How long can the words last?

Then, every summoner’s face will be a little pale.

The contest between Demi-God, to be able to witness the battle between the top summoners, is a golden opportunity for every summoner, and it also brings a huge impact to everyone.

Why can Sovereign Demon God offer such conditions for a Xia Pingan?

Kill Xia Pingan, get the body of immortality, blood sacrifice Xia Pingan, condense the god wheel and confine the god?

Such conditions, no wonder Blood Demon Religion will go crazy, even Zu Motian personally came to the capital.

Lin Yi turned his head and glanced at the living room next to the small courtyard. Just the night before, Xia Pingan was still in that living room.

If you are not the favored person of the Dark War God, blood sacrifice Xia Pingan can be a god. Can you refuse this condition? Will you not be moved?

Under the temptation of the Conferred God, what does a person tell?

Lin Yi also knows that Xia Pingan’

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