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Glorious Summoner Chapter 338

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The night was dark, and there was brightly lit everywhere in the Imperial Palace in the upper capital……

When walking to the entrance of Ranxiu Palace, Beitang Wangchuan hesitated for a while, but in the end, he gritted his teeth and stepped into the Ranxiu Palace.

Ranxiu Palace is a hastily residence in the palace.

Beitangzhao was specially built for hastily. Among the Princess of Dashang Country, only one person has this kind of treatment.

“I have seen His Highness the Crown Prince…” Seeing Beitang Wangchuan’s arrival, the maid in Ranxiu Palace quickly stepped aside and bowed.

“How is it going?” Beitang Wangchuan asked softly.

“Princess kept shutting herself in the room, not eating dinner, and not allowing anyone in…” The maid carefully replied.

Beitang Wangchuan is nodded, and walked directly towards the place where the grass lived.

The hastily living place is a large garden in Ranxiu Palace, which is exquisite everywhere. In that garden, there are also many small animals. Several maids are guarding outside the hasty room. Seeing Beitang Wangchuan’s arrival, he hurriedly saluted, Beitang Wangchuan gently waved his hand and let the maids go down.

The maid left, Beitang Wangchuan directly opened the door of the room and walked in.

In the room, there was a faint sound of weeping, Beitang Wangchuan followed the sound of weeping, and went directly to the hasty room. He saw the hasty lying on the bed, hugging the pillow, and the fragrant shoulder gently moved. Cry so rustling sound.

“Go out…I won’t eat…” Hearing the footsteps hastily, people didn’t turn their heads, just choked up and said.

“Am I going out too?” Beitang Wangchuan came to the bed and said softly.

Hearing Beitang Wangchuan’s voice, the hastily fluttering on the bed turned around, the baring fangs and brandishing claws moved towards Beitang Wangchuan, and he struck his fist and moved towards Beitangwang. Chuan’s chest thumped, “I blame you…I blame you…If you didn’t let him be an inspector, he wouldn’t have any trouble…I blame you…you pay him to me…Hey… …嘤……”

Seeing my sister crying weeping beauty with a face, her eyes swollen like peaches, Beitang Wangchuan was also a little distressed and a little bit self-blaming.

“Xia Pingan may not die…” Beitang Wangchuan said softly.

This sentence is more effective than a thousand words, but the hastily crying ceases as soon as the words are spoken.

The hasty was still choking, but the crying was stopped, and he raised a pair of big eyes that were swollen like peaches and stared at Beitang Wangchuan, “What are you talking about, he’s not dead?”

“I have asked the expert of the Judging Army to investigate the scene, and there is no trace of his body in the whole scene…”

“Didn’t they say that the assassin used the poison of the bl

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