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Glorious Summoner Chapter 336

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To the east of Shangjingcheng is the vast sea, right on the vast sea, more than 800 miles away from Shangjingcheng, is the sea Demon Sect of Shangjingcheng.

To be precise, Demon Sect is not a daoist sect, but the entrance revealed by the Void Secret Realm.

From a distance, Demon Sect is in the sky, like a rotating colorful vortex. It is a huge portal with a diameter of more than ten miles, like the eye of a storm, with multi-colored brilliance. Blooming out of the vortex, very beautiful.

Behind Demon Sect is another world.

The rising sun is like a huge round of Fireball rising above the sea, dyeing the eastern sea water into a piece of red, like a fire burning under the sea, the sea water and the rotating Demon Sect in the sky complement each other , In this vast and boundless sea, accompanied by the wave of tides, the colors of the water and the sky reflect each other and merge into a furnace, which is magnificent.

Without the monsters that constantly spring up from Demon Sect, the scenery in front of you is dreamlike.

In the rays of light that Demon Sect is spinning, some black spots can be seen flying down from Demon Sect from time to time.

Then, above the sea, you can hear the roar of cannons, and in the sky, you can also see the flash of summoner spells flying in the sky…

Gunpowder smoke and magical rays of light coexist here.

The fleet on the sea, like a steel giant beast, guards the sea near Demon Sect. In the sky, summoners capable of flying to the sky are like hunting hunters.

Below Demon Sect is a series of islands. On the large and small islands, there are large and small fortresses. This is the battlefield of Dashang Country’s fleet, summoner, and Bounty Hunter.

The monsters in the void Secret Realm that fell from the Demon Sect are the objects of their battle and hunting.

Those monsters have boundary beads, and some of the things on those monsters are expensive medicine ingredients. This kind of battle will bring a lot of gains. If you don’t, you can make a fortune. Of course, it is also dangerous.

There are also some powerful summoners above the Siyang realm, and even team up to enter the world after Demon Sect to hunt them down.

Flame bird and hexapod giant lizard are the most monsters from this sea Demon Sect.

For the fleet of Dashang Country stationed in Demon Sect on the sea and the summoners, these two monsters are not difficult to deal with, especially the hexapod giant lizard. This kind of monster is born on land. Once in the sea, Its strength is also greatly restricted, and it is not as comfortable on land, and the flame bird is most afraid of water. To avoid the flame bird’s attack, you only need to plunge into the sea.

At this moment, at the highest point of War God Fort in one of the Greatest Island below Demon Sect

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