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Glorious Summoner Chapter 339

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On the sea, the sky is full of stars and moon…

The iron-faced man walked out of his luxurious cabin and came to the balcony outside the cabin, looking at the endless sea level and the azure sky above his head, let out a long breath with the sea breeze blowing.

The huge ship is cutting waves on the sea, moving towards the destination firmly and steadily.

The huge chimney on the huge ship is blowing black smoke, and the huge steam turbine in the cabin is driving the tail section of the passenger ship to rotate through the complicated mechanical mechanism, leaving a white line on the sea, driving Sailing on the sea with this huge monster.

The economy class decks on the lower floors are a bit crowded and far less comfortable here. Many people are still blowing the sea breeze on the deck, enjoying the view of the sea and posing.

The photographers on the passenger ship were extremely busy at night. Three Silver Coins and a single photo could retain the beauty of the ship, and bursts of flashes mixed with magnesium powder smoke continued to rise on the deck below, among them Also mixed with all kinds of happy laughter and cheerful voices and loud noises.

Some people quarreled in order to line up for a photo.

“The happiness of an ordinary person is that simple…” The iron-faced man shook his head and smiled slightly.

Until now, he has not fully understood why Xia Pingan asked himself to send this prisoner named Guinu out of the capital, so solemnly.

This prisoner did not seem to have much to do with Xia Pingan before.

But it doesn’t matter, anyway, this errand will not take a few days, and it will not be tiring, so it’s better to come out to relax.

He thought that it would be uncomfortable to stay with Xia Pingan, so he could only hold his nose and dry it, but didn’t expect, that guy Xia Pingan is actually quite interesting, at least more interesting than most people he knows After staying with him for a few days, both of them felt like friends.

Well, the guy from Xia Pingan was also a big shopkeeper, so he took a lavish shot and didn’t let the iron man suffer a bit of a loss.

Behind him came the sound that can only be made by the friction of shackles, accompanied by some heavy footsteps, and also moved towards here.

Guinu also walked out of the VIP cabin behind him and came to the balcony, his hair full of straws flying in the sea breeze, staring blankly at the vast sea, wondering what he was thinking.

Last night, the VIP downstairs still disliked the heavy footsteps in this room. After asking the crew to complain to no results, they came up and knocked on the door. The hard-faced man opened the door of the room, and the shackled ghost slave was not wearing a mask. His face appeared behind the door, the face of the person who came up to the theory was s

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