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Glorious Summoner Chapter 334

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The whole Hongye Villa is full of strong bloody smells. Inside and outside the Villa, just like Xia Pingan said, except for the child and a few deliberately left alive, everyone else in the Villa is in the shortest It turned into corpses and fragments within a time.


When Grandma You’s gloomy face came out of a room in the basement of the villa, thousands of messy black silk threads were flying behind her like a peacock, baring fangs and brandishing claws, and behind her In the room and passageway, dozens of people in white coats have been cut into pieces, and they can’t even find a complete finger…

Thick plasma flowed out behind Grandma You, following her steps.

Grandma You glanced at the rows of iron cages in the underground cell, and her eyelids jumped a few times. It was not that Grandma You had never seen cruel and bloody scenes, those dark sacrifice places of the Blood Demon Religion, she was large and Small has seen it more than once, but none of the scenes I have seen before is disturbing.

There are too many children in the iron cage. Some people are wailing loudly because of fear, while others are already suffering from dementia and have been abused to make them mentally abnormal. All the children have the same expression in their eyes. Panic and horror, around each child’s eyes are two dark circles.

It seems that many children have been abused human yet not human, ghost yet not a ghost.

In the rooms she saw just now, there were several new children who were hanging upside down, with black needles stuck in their bodies, their faces twisted in pain, and blood was being drawn.

Just now in a villa, Granny You saw an old man without pants, and also saw a seven or eight-year-old shiver coldly tied to the bed.

Then, the old man was dismembered into tens of millions by the silk thread of Grandma You.

In the entire Hongye Villa, it is difficult to find a complete corpse, even if it is not bloody.

Looking at the dungeon full of iron cages in front of her, a tear was squeezed from the corner of Granny You’s eyes, and fiercely cursed, “These gods killed those who are really evil…”

After that, Grandma You felt a powerful breath coming.

Granny You still wants to kill a few more people, her murderous aura tonight is hard to calm…

Grandma You rushed to the end of the room in the aisle again, and caught up with a few people in white who were escaping hastily.

The silk thread of wild dance cuts past, and the bodies of the few people in white who are escaping are like collapsed building blocks for an instant, divided into countless pieces…


Lin Yi and the people from the Judging Army are here.

The officers of the Legion at the foot of the garrison also came with a group of people. The signal of the ruling army is so obvious, so close t

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