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Glorious Summoner Chapter 332

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At the same time, a Mysterious Land in Jinyuezhou, in the Golden Moon Palace of Blood Demon Religion…

In the huge deep well, as before, the sacrifice of the Devil’s Eye continued. 360 living people were crushed by the group of wooden puppets to crush the movable bones, and then in the cave The sacrificial pattern of the eyes of the devil is placed on the bottom.

Screams, crying, begging for mercy, and cursing all over the cave.

Then, among the densely packed holes in the walls of the deep well, snake-like monster insects crawled out of those holes, moved towards the sacrifice of the eyes of the devil in the field, Totem quickly Rushed.

The people who offered sacrifices became food for those monster insects, but they couldn’t move, they could only watch themselves and the people around them being swallowed by that monster insect a little bit alive.

Death is a luxury for them.

Unspeakable fear, pain, and despair are boiling in the deep well, overflowing and dissipating in the void, like being swallowed by an invisible mouth.

The invisible energy of consciousness that finally burst out of those who were sacrificed is full of negative and desperate aura. It is the last struggle of life and the last curse, endless darkness and pain…

Two rounds of moonlight in the sky shone in from the gaps in the surrounding mountain peaks, and the moonlight merged into a scarlet light that just hit the eyeball of the devil’s eye at the bottom of the deep well.

The scarlet’s eyes seemed to come alive, and countless monster insects squirmed on those people, as if the eyes were blinking gently.


In the palace above the deep well, dressed in black robes, with an evil and beautiful face and a trace of blood in his eyes, the Palace Lord is sitting on the throne in front of a huge Demon God sculpture in the palace, coldly Looking at the dark and crushing crowd standing in the palace.

“The Five Demons entered the Upper Capital. Up to now, four of them have died. The Upper Capital is still singing and dancing. The strength of Dashang Country is really unexpected. Who can tell me that Dashang Country’s Upper Capital is our Blood? Is Demon Religion forbidden? When did Beitang Zhao become so strong?”

The voice of the youth echoed in the palace, not happy nor angry, but it was full of depressing atmosphere, and no one could answer.

The boy was still trying to say something. At this moment, in the void above the deep well, the space seemed to split suddenly, and an unimaginable terrifying pressure and will suddenly descended on that in the palace. On the huge Demon God sculpture.

The eyes of the huge Demon God sculpture slowly opened, revealing a pair of blood-red eyes.

At just a glance, everyone in the great hall was crushed by the terrifying pressure to kneel on the grou

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