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Glorious Summoner Chapter 330

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Fushen boy soon found the owner of the blood plasma.

It was a six or seven-year-old boy. He was hung upside down on an iron frame without any strands. The long black thorns flashing with rune brilliance were piercing various organs in the boy’s body. Several men in white clothes are inserting huge needles into the boy’s body, and are drawing fresh blood plasma from the boy’s body…

“This blood bag has already drawn three blood essences of immortality today, that’s okay…” said a man in white who had drawn three blood plasma, then waved his hand and asked others to remove the unconscious boy from the iron. Put it down on the rack, and after a medicine was given, it was thrown into the iron cage and taken away.

In the same room, more than one person was being drawn blood.

Just beside the little boy who was taken, there was another five or six-year-old girl who was also suffering from inhuman abuse.

The little girl was skinny, with huge dark circles around her eyes, her eyes had lost the slightest brilliance, only turbidity and fear remained. The few vital points in her body were like the boy who was taken away. With black spikes inserted, several other men in white clothes are inserting a needle into the little girl’s body, drawing blood from the little girl, and pumping the plasma into the glass bottle wrapped in ice. Inside.

The little girl’s body was trembling slightly, the brilliance in her eyes was getting dim, and the blood that could be drawn was getting less and less.

“This blood bag is no longer good enough, and for the last stimulus, it should be able to squeeze out a little blood essence…” said a man who was drawing blood.

A person next to it listened and took a hot red hook directly from the stove next to it and pierced it from under the little girl’s abdomen.

A burnt smell floated.

The little girl trembled, struggled, and screamed, and some new plasma suddenly poured out of the blood-free needle.

But in the blink of an eye, the little girl riddled with scars lost all her life characteristics. She was put down from the shelf by people in white clothes, like trash, randomly thrown on a trolley and delivered A cave not far away was thrown into the cave.

There is a pond in the cave with dozens of red-eyed crocodile horns.

Each of the crocodile horns is seven or eight meters long and is shaped like a crocodile. It has horns on its head, its mouth is open, and its mouth is full of sharp teeth.

The little girl’s body was thrown down and fell into the water. Several crocodile horns were fighting in the cave, tearing and rolling up. In the blink of an eye, a crocodile horn swallowed the little girl in one bite, and in the blink of an eye There is no scum left.

After a while, a trolley pushed the corpses of two children into the muddy and bloody

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