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Glorious Summoner Chapter 331

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At night, at the foot of Pingshan Mountain, at the gate of the Judging Army Camp…

Listening to the clear and rushing horseshoes in the darkness in the distance, the two sentries of the Judging Army stationed at the gate of the camp suddenly turned their heads and looked towards the dark street with a vigilant look.

Horses are forbidden to run wild in the capital, unless it is an emergency.

And it was so late now, the sound of the horseshoes was clearly directed at the gate of the Judging Army camp, which made the two Sentinels of the Judging Army guarding the door have to be more vigilant.

The sound of horses’ hoofs moved from far to near, in the blink of an eye, the sentry at the gate of the two ruling army camps saw a man riding on a black horse, rushing from the street not far away in the blink of an eye Out, came straight to the gate of the ruling army camp.

“The incoming people stop…” A sentry raised his hand and said directly to the rushing Knight.

Horses are like wild dragons and people are like tigers. The Chollima rushed to the gate of the ruling army camp, and the whole horse almost stood up all at once. The horseman has left the horse back and flew from the horse. After coming out, the Chollima who came out of summon turned and entered a cloud of black smoke, and was recalled to the secret mandala.

The Xia Pingan was in the air, and he had already taken out the waist token of the inspector. It just shined before the eyes of the two adjudicators. The whole person didn’t stop, just clicked on the ground outside the big camp. He flew into the Pingshan camp of the Judging Army.

The inspector puts the waist token in hand, and entering Pingshan Camp is just like returning home, and it can be unimpeded.

Until Xia Pingan disappeared at the gate of the camp, the two Sentinels of the Adjudication Army turned their heads and glanced at his back.

“This person is Xia Pingan, the inspector of Donggang?” a sentry asked.

“It should be, the last time he came to Daying, I saw it!”

“I heard that this person is very popular. It didn’t take long before he became the inspector, and the entire capital city knew…” The sentry who spoke with some envy said.

“When the limelight is strong, it also has the ability. The Governor’s Mansion dared to directly break into the taker. I heard that the Legion of the garrison was deflated in his hands. To be honest, I still admire it. I have a chance in the future. It is better to go to the inspection office. Experience it, it’s much more moisturizing than in this camp…”

“Looking at him, it seems that something is urgent?”

“Well, maybe…”


Xia Pingan came to the ruling army camp, went straight to the other hospital where Lin Yi lived, and asked to see Lin Yi.

Lin Yi’s attendant, Xia Pingan, took him to Lin

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