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Glorious Summoner Chapter 333

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When the sun went down, a touch of sunset hung on the west side of the capital city. The red clouds were like fire and it was exceptionally gorgeous. Xia Pingan sat on a carriage to Guanlan Villa in the north of Pingshan.

Guanlan Mountain Villa is a large manor, not far from Pingshan Mountain. On the surface, Guanlan Mountain Villa is the summer residence of a wealthy man in Shangjing, but in fact, it is the Shadow Guard of the ruling army in Shangjing. One of the strongholds.

Guanlan Mountain Villa is quiet, quiet, and there is no mountain and dew at all. It is located in a quiet valley at the northern foot of Pingshan Mountain. There are not even a few villages and towns around. Therefore, no one knows that it is in the Guanlan Villa at this moment. , Is hiding a powerful force.

Here, it is less than fifteen miles from Fengtai Mountain.

Just after getting off the carriage, Xia Pingan felt a few invisible sights falling on him in the surrounding air. He calmly walked to the vermilion gate of the villa and used the knocker on the gate. Tap twice.

After a few seconds, the door opened for a short while, revealing a slightly old face inside. It was an old man with drooped eyelids. He was weak. He was wearing the costume of a servant of the villa. Like an ordinary janitor, he glanced at Xia Pingan, then opened the door a little further, letting Xia Pingan walk in.

When closing the door, Xia Pingan saw the old man wave his hand and set up two rune traps at the door, and then without a word, he took Xia Pingan moved towards the villa and walked.

There are almost no people in the villa. Of course, this is just the surface. The sharp sword power in the Shadow Guard is in this villa at the moment-the Shadow Four Guards and the Iron Hand Camp are all here.

Passing through the yard one after another, through a corridor and a garden, the old man took Xia Pingan into a living room, and then left silently.

There are four people in the living room, Grandma You, Master Maomao, Scholar, and Liu Tieshou.

The four people sat on the four Imperial Tutor chairs with their eyes closed, like four silent sculptures. They are resting in conserve strength and store up energy, and are also ready to go, ready to be dispatched at any time in Xia Pingan. When they entered the room, the four people opened their eyes suddenly and looked towards Xia Pingan.

“I have seen four seniors!” Xia Pingan, who entered the room, gave a salute to the four.

The four people did not entrust the big, because Xia Pingan is their nominal command and leader at the moment, they can ignore Xia Pingan in their eyes, but Lin Yi’s order and the rules of the ruling army, However, they had to treat it with caution, and did not dare to overstep it.

The Imperial Tutor chair in the main seat of the room was empty, no

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