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Glorious Summoner Chapter 329

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To the north of Shangjing City is Pingshan, and further north, Pingshan is the suburbs of Shangjing City. There are few mountains and many mountains here, and there are mountains and ridges all over the place. The private manor is located, and the hunting garden of the Imperial Family is also to the north.

More than 20 miles away from Pingshan Mountain, there is Fengtai Mountain. The scenery of Fengtai Mountain is beautiful. There are waterfalls and gurgling streams everywhere. It is coolest in summer, so there are many summer manors and villas in the mountains.

There is also a military barracks in the garrison Legion under Fengtai Mountain, where soldiers from a division are stationed. At night, the lights on Fengtai Mountain are dotted with lights on the mountain and the lights in the barracks. There is no human firework.

Tonight, the moon is bright and the stars are sparse, and Fengtai Mountain is as quiet as ever.

Just under the starry sky, a naughty silhouette that ordinary people can’t see, is rushing towards Fengtai Mountain from the capital city.

That figure doesn’t fly or go, just between flashes, it’s already outside the several li, it’s so fast that it’s hard to capture.

In the blink of an eye, the silhouette flashed to the foot of Fengtai Mountain and directly broke into the army barracks of the garrison Legion. It slid around in the barracks, warehouses, training grounds, and weapon depots. After a lap, It seems to find that there is no fun in this barracks, and it seems to remember the purpose of my coming here, that figure left the barracks, just body flashed, past the group of soldiers who set up a card to check on the road outside the barracks, and then flashed again. The shape appeared on the top of the attic tower of a villa halfway up the mountain, flashing for the third time, and it had reached the top of Fengtai Mountain, standing in front of a huge mountain villa covering a large area.

A plaque with gold characters on a black background was hung at the door of the villa, which read “Hongye Villa” in four large characters.

Around Hongye Villa, there are patches of maple forest, so the name of this villa is Hongye Villa.

It is midsummer at this moment, and the maple leaves in the mountains are not yet red, so there is nothing special about it yet.

The gate of the villa under the plaque is like a watchtower. When the Fushen boy arrived, the gate of Hongye Villa was closed. Two strings of red lanterns were hung at the door. Below the lanterns, two wearing dark red guard uniforms, with grim faces The strong man pressed the knife at his waist and stared coldly at the mountain road leading to the villa.

From the outside, this Hongye Villa doesn’t seem to be special except for its grandeur and a larger area.

But in terms of style, the owner who

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