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Glorious Summoner Chapter 342

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To be honest, Xia Pingan was also taken aback. He didn’t even notice that there were people hidden in the underground.

The sand thief, like a poisonous snake hidden underground, dug a hole in the ground and covered the body with earth and rocks. They were hidden in the way the camel team passed by. As soon as the camel team appeared, they jumped out of the ground.

The sand thief who jumped out of the ground was covered in black cloth from head to toe, and his face was not exposed. Only the part of the sand thief’s eyes seemed to be wearing a wolf head mask with crystal lenses. On the mask, there are several copper tubes that can breathe out from the lower jaw. It looks wild, murderous aura, and has several points of punk color.

After the first sand thief who popped out of the ground killed a camel team’s guard, he was very fierce, so he moved towards a camel team rider next to him with the knife in his hand.

Sand thief and arrows are constantly popping out from the ground, shooting out, sharp, fierce, tricky…

On every centipede, there were one or two guards accompanying them. In the blink of an eye, five guards and a camel rider were shot or killed by arrows drilled from the ground, screaming Fell to the ground.

There are not many sand thieves coming out of the ground. There are only more than a dozen people. All the rider guards in the camel team add up to Xia Pingan, and there are only more than twenty people.


Gunshot sounded, and a sand thief who rushed towards Mu Li and Xia Pingan was shot by Mu Li in the wolf head mask. The wolf head mask shattered a hole and sprayed plasma inside. The sand thief was not dead. , Just staggered, shook his head, then screamed strangely, and continued moving towards Mu Li and Xia Pingan rushed over.

Mu Li, who was still smoking a cigarette just now, had a copper-colored revolver in his hand, and he was firing at the sand thief at some point.

“Bang…bang…” The revolver in Mu Li’s hand turned, hitting the sand thief with two consecutive shots on the chest, knocking the sand thief directly to the ground.

The other camel guards and the riders driving the centipede also responded very quickly. From the first person who roared the word sand thief, those guards and riders took out swords and long and short firearms to fight for the close range. Sand thief fights.

It’s just that those sand thieves are tough and fierce, and they are far better than ordinary people.

Three more guards and riders fell, but only one sand thief was shot in the lower abdomen and fell to the ground.

In the blink of an eye, as soon as the two sides touched, the camel team almost fell one third, while the sand thief only fell two.

Quickly brought down a sand thief with a gun, Mu Li took out a dark iron spoon, put it in his mouth all of a

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