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Glorious Summoner Chapter 341

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Two months later, the northwest border of Dashang Country…

Under the scorching sun, a team of camels was walking on the desolate and rugged mountain path. The bell of the camels was melodious, and the dingling was wailing in the wind.

It is said to be a camel team, but it is not camels and horses that carry things in this team, but centipede like centipede.

The centipede is like a small train, with a body more than 20 meters long and a back more than one meter wide. It is flat and long. A centipede can carry more goods than ten camels. many.

The centipede climbs over the mountains, like walking on the ground, is not picky about eating, has a gentle personality, and can carry heavy loads. It is really a good helper for carrying things.

In this camel team, there are eight centipedes.

The people and goods in the camel team are all fixed on the backs of centipedes.

The centipede walked slowly. On the back of a centipede at the back of the team, there was a bamboo chair with a shading cloth on the bamboo chair. Xia Pingan sat on the bamboo chair with her body following The centipede swayed, looking bored at the desolate mountain scenery around it.

On the side of the bamboo chair, there is a birdcage hanging, the birdcage is empty, and the birds inside do not know where they flew.

The surrounding scenery is earth-yellow rock and soil. There are some low thorn bushes and weeds on the ground. You can occasionally see wild animals such as rabbits, coyotes and foxes in the wild, but not many.

This kind of scenery, in front of Xia Pingan’s eyes, has lasted for two full days.

Originally, Xia Pingan was going to come by train, but there was too much noise in the capital that night. Xia Pingan didn’t feel right. When the train stopped at a place called Yazhen in the middle of the night to add coal and water, Xia Pingan was in time. Got off the train.

The train travels on the tracks for less than 90 kilometers in one hour, so buying a ticket is enough.

The flying speed of a summoner like him is about 260 kilometers per hour, which is almost three times faster than the train, but each hour’s flying in the air requires about 80 points of precious divine force.

Xia Pingan, who got off the train, used an Illusion Technique to hide her figure, and flew wildly in the night for six hours, until dawn, two thousand kilometers away from the upper capital, and arrived at one. The town fell.

Afterwards, it was proved that Xia Pingan’s decision to get off the train in time to escape was correct and timely.

In the next two days, Xia Pingan finally learned what happened in the capital that night.

Blood Master of the Demon Sect Demi-God Zu Motian led the Blood Demon Religion army to raid Upper Capital and fight Beitang Zhao, the purpose is to find himself.


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