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Glorious Summoner Chapter 40

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There is a new change in the cafeteria.

At noon, when Xia Pingan arrived at the restaurant, there was pop music in the restaurant. The equipment for playing music was a set of exaggerated purple audio equipment in the shape of a trumpet flower, the trumpet flower Shaped speakers are even taller than Xia Pingan.

Among the speakers of several trumpets, there is a pile of square box playback devices that Xia Pingan has seen or not seen, filled with a half-person-high bookcase, which looks very awkward. It should also be very expensive.

Several chefs working in the cafeteria listened to the music and looked like they were enjoying themselves.

The sound effect of that set of sound is a bit shocking. When the sound is turned on, the whole restaurant is like a concert hall.

Tu Polu. Fang Lingshan and Cao Xinghua are already sitting in the dining room.

Seeing that Xia Pingan arrived with the buffet that was taken, the three of them were not surprised. Only Lao Tu asked, "Fused?"

Xia Pingan nodded," It's fusion!"

"Ha, we will have a mission together in the future!" Old Tu smiled slightly, continuing to nibble on the bloody steak on his plate.

Cao Xinghua raised his eyelids and glanced at Xia Pingan. He only said two words in his mouth, "Congratulations!"

"Thank you!"

As for Fang Lingshan , Only slightly nodded to Xia Pingan, did not speak.

These people who have been stimulated twice by Xia Pingan's perfect fusion of the Divine Fire Realm Bead and the Requiem Banner have no feeling at all about Xia Pingan's fusion of the Deity Realm Bead, just like as it should be by rights Similarly, if Xia Pingan can't integrate Deity beads, maybe they will be surprised.

Xia Pingan sat directly opposite Laotu, drinking the ginseng black-bone chicken soup cooked in the restaurant, and asked, "The sound system in the restaurant is a bit extravagant. The funding for the Order Committee is so Is it sufficient?"

"The stereo was left by Old Man!" Old Tu stopped, his face still a little nostalgic, "Yesterday you didn't come back, Old Man was transferred from the headquarters. He was promoted. The headquarters transferred him to Europe. He left the horn speaker he liked in the cafeteria. You happened to be absent, so you didn’t participate in Old Man’s farewell ceremony......"

Old Man, Man Ziyi, the man who likes to wear floral shirts?

Xia Pingan still has a bit of impression. I have seen it twice before, and that man is the Chief-In-Charge of the Information Information Center of the Xianghe City Order Committee.

"Lao Man is a very good person, but his mouth is garish!" Cao Xinghua, who has not spoken much, also said, "Lao Man donates money to charity organizations every year. A lot!"

"He wanted to kick him to death when he was there. He left. It seemed that there was somethin

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