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Glorious Summoner Chapter 43

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Seeing that the money she kept at home was gone, Xia Pingan understood what was going on here.

Xia Pingan patted Xia Ning's shoulder, pulling angrily to her side, slightly smiled, "It's okay, leave it to me!"

Xia Ning glared at the pair Middle-aged men and women, "Return our money!"

"Little girl, what money, don’t talk nonsense, we haven’t seen it!" The middle-aged woman stared fiercely at Xia Ning. Threatened, "Speak nonsense again, be careful I tear your mouth!"

Xia Pingan pulled Xia Ning behind her, and looked towards the middle-aged man and woman, without anger, just said in a tranquil voice, "Return my younger sister's paintings and our money, and I don’t care about the others!"

"Boy, are you here to ruin people?" The middle-aged The man stood up suddenly, threw the cigarette butt on the ground, fiercely crushed it with his foot, then banged on the table and slapped a contract on the table, staring, "Don’t come to this set with Lao Tzu, I want to continue living. Here, I sign the contract, or if I live, I will settle the rent immediately and get out. You don’t want to inquire about what kind of person I am in Mali..."

The woman also pointed at Xia. Pingan scolded aggressively.

"You are a car repairer, your younger sister is still in school, no father or mother, where did you get the money, don’t even think about it, the floor in this house has been spent, The water pipes in the bathroom need to be repaired, and the wallpaper is also damaged. These are all damaged when you lived. I want you to pay me money. On the contrary, you have to pay me. If you want to fix these, at least 50,000 or 60,000 yuan. You two don’t make up for the loss of this house, don’t want to leave..."

"You...you..." This is the first time I met such an unreasonable bullying person, Xia Ning His face was pale with anger.

For Xia Pingan, as soon as the woman said that he was a car repairer and his parents were not there, he knew that these two people already knew him and Xia Ning no one to rely on There is no social relationship, so it is unscrupulous.

"Finally, I will give you another chance to return the money and things, and we will move out tomorrow!" Xia Pingan said to the two people.

"Boy, are you looking for something?" The middle-aged man walked over aggressively, "believing or not I will kill you..."

"My brother is in The police station in the vicinity, how many people in my family are in the police station, I am afraid you call the police, you think I will be afraid of you two brat..." The woman also gathered around, pointing at the two of them and shouting, "I still I want to find you two to repay the loss of my house..."

"hehe..." Xia Pingan laughed, these two people should be husband and wife, this man should be fucking outside, and the underworld It’s not that it’s just knowing a few

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