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Glorious Summoner Chapter 39

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Seeing Xia Pingan, Old Zhou grinned, "Boy, I heard that you used that black cobra to kill someone in Xinchuan a few days ago?"

"Haha, Uncle Zhou, you are well informed!" Xia Pingan smiled, "By the way, I just merged the Deity world beads this morning, and I am already a summoner now!"

"Yes, yes, I Just say that your kid looks promising, and that black cobra is the best match for you!" Old Zhou came over, took off his goggles, put his gloves aside, and touched both hands under a counter. I took out two suitcases, silver and black, and put them on the counter. "The stuff in this is all yours. The headquarters has just sent it down and you will use it in the future. Check it out. If you have any problem, just sign here. A word!", Old Zhou took out another list.

Xia Pingan opened the silver hand reminder first, and was shocked by the contents.

The silver suitcase is divided into two layers as soon as it is opened. The top layer contains more than ten work documents, and the bottom one is more than ten passports. The most conspicuous one is on the top of those work documents. , Is a small black book with the Dragon Mark sword and shield badge on the scales of the Commission of Order.

Xia Pingan took that little notebook and opened it, and she saw her anti-counterfeiting portrait and the striking big seal of the National Order Council.

"Great Flame Republic National Order Committee Work Card"

Name: Xia Pingan.

Ability occupation: summoner.

No.: A Department 361718150

This black notebook is very prestigious, and it is also a prop that often appears in various film and television dramas. In those film and television dramas, as long as the characters appear in it As soon as you take out this certificate, you have priority law enforcement rights, slaughter all sides, free access to almost all non-state secret-related agencies and places, and all law enforcement agencies and government agencies must cooperate.

Is this your work permit?

Holding this work permit, which symbolizes authority and heavy duty, Xia Pingan felt a bit mixed for a while.

From the moment he got the certificate, he officially became a summoner of the State Order Committee of the Great Yan Nation, and joined the family of eating royal food.

"hehehe, kid, don’t be stunned, this certificate is actually not available for many times, and you may not be able to show it out once in a few years. This is your Level 1 ID certificate from the Commission of Order , Those bridge sections on movies and TV are for kids, look at the others, other documents will be used a bit more!” Old Zhou reminded him next to him.

Xia Pingan laughed, put down this work permit, and picked up a small notebook with "Firearm Permit" written on the dark blue cover next to it.

Open the small book, and it still contains his anti-

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