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Glorious Summoner Chapter 42

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There are not many people on this bus. Only a few people are standing in the bus. Some of the people in the bus are drowsy and some are playing with mobile phones.

In the bus compartment, only the sound on the TV reverberates in the compartment, broadcasting news and advertisements.

"...Today, there was a murder case in the underground cold storage of Lingshi Building. When our reporter arrived, the police had already pulled a cordon outside the building. According to police information, the underground cold storage of the building One of the security guards has been killed. The police found after calling for surveillance that Boss Gao Qingshan in the underground cold storage was attacking with a gun. The cause of the attack may be a labor dispute. The police have issued an arrest warrant. If enthusiastic citizens find useful clues, they can call the police to report. On the phone, the police offered a bounty of 100,000 yuan..."

Xia Pingan, who was sitting in the back of the vehicle, looked up at the TV in front of her---gloomy eyes, bag-eyed, plump face, ordinary, slightly bald, in his 40s. The picture of the middle age person appeared on TV, and under the picture, there was a bounty of 100,000 yuan.

Neither the State Order Commission nor the Demon Eyes made of corpses in the underground cold storage appeared on the news.

People who read the news thought this was a bad criminal case.

Xia Pingan noticed that when this news was broadcast, most of the people in the car just looked up at the beautiful female reporter on the TV screen on the car, and everyone didn't care.

Perhaps for an ordinary person, this is the best.

If the bloody horror picture in the underground cold storage appears on TV, most people may not sleep well at night, and no one dares to go out at night.

The station is here. Not far away is the residential area where Xia Pingan is renting. Xia Pingan got off the bus.

Out there is a fresh food supermarket. After getting off the bus, Xia Pingan went directly to the supermarket and went to the supermarket to buy some vegetables.

Ten minutes later, Xia Pingan walked out of this fresh supermarket, and in the shopping bag he was carrying, there were already things he bought, such as tendons, sea cucumbers, mushrooms, abalone, shark fins, and chicken. , Shrimp and some fresh vegetables.

These ingredients cost more than 300 yuan.

Xia Pingan, who was carrying things, walked directly towards the residential area he was renting, and entered the unit door. The security guard who was watching TV in the mail room downstairs glanced at Xia Pingan and continued to watch TV. .

Everything in the corridor is as old. Xia Pingan came to the door on the top floor and was about to take out the key, only to find that the lock outside the security door of the room he re

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