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Glorious Summoner Chapter 41

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When Xia Pingan and An Qing arrived at Lingshi Building, the entrance to the parking lot of Lingshi Building had been blocked by the police.

Only when I entered the underground from the entrance, I saw the cordon of the Order Committee inside.

The police are responsible for maintaining order on the outside, preventing the public from panic and random speculation, while the members of the Order Committee handle difficult situations that are difficult for the police to handle.

In addition to the Special Operations Division, other departments of the Order Committee have also arrived.

The underground of Lingshi Building, minus 2-Layer, in addition to the underground parking lot, there is an underground cold storage of more than 2,000 square meters.

When I came to the entrance of the underground cold storage, Xia Pingan saw a pile of humanoid traces turned to ashes and completely charred at the entrance of the underground cold storage. Xia Pingan could tell by just looking at the pile of ashes. Out that is the result of summoner's Fireball Technique.

The corpse has turned into ashes, and its face is illegible. It's just that in the pile of charred ashes on the ground, you can also see small metal objects such as a belt buckle that has been burnt and deformed. Metal badges and the like.

Passing through the door of the cold storage and entering the cold storage, the temperature suddenly dropped a lot.

The cold storage is all frozen pork hung with iron hooks. There is a strong bloody smell in the cold storage. The dark red cold storage lights are on, and slices of pale pork are hanging there. , Densely packed, like a forest of corpses, it looks scary.

Xia Pingan walked in and heard Li Yunzhou's voice from inside.

"...The security guard guarding the cold storage did not show any abnormality before, but when Old Cao and I took out the "Environmental Inspection Certificate", Old Cao went into the cold storage to check. When I was watching outside, the security guard also lied to me and wanted to trick me into the cold storage.

But I was so smart, how could I be fooled, I found that the security was wrong and saw me Without entering the cold storage, the security guard suddenly attacked me. I fired two shots at him, and found that the bullets shot on him didn’t work. At that time, I realized that the security guard might be a living corpse, and then I used it. He was transformed by a Fireball Technique. At that time, Old Cao also found an abnormality in this cold storage, and saw the eyes of the devil piled up here..."

Enter the cold storage Inside, Xia Pingan saw Mo Yanshao, Li Yunzhou and Cao Xinghua. The three were talking about something. Their faces were solemn. In the cold storage around the three, Xia Pingan saw the familiar sacrifice pattern.

It's another demon's eye!

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