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Glorious Summoner Chapter 44

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The taxi stopped directly beside the fountain sculpture at the entrance of Gwangju Hotel.

As soon as the car stopped, a hotel bellboy in a black tuxedo opened the door of the taxi with a standard action. After paying the money, Xia Ning got out of the car with Xia Pingan. moved towards the lobby of the hotel.

Looking at the splendorous and majestic lobby of the hotel, the well-dressed guests coming and going, and the millions of luxury cars parked in the parking lot next to the hotel entrance, Xia Pingan looked calm, and Xia Ning was a little timid. She timidly pulled Xia Pingan's clothes and said with a guilty conscience, "Brother, are we here too luxurious..."

Guangzhou Hotel is a chain of 5-Star level international hotels, located in Xianghe In such a city, 5-Star level hotels are already top hotels.

"It doesn't matter, didn't you say that the desserts and the infinity hot spring pool here are the best, you can try it later!" Xia Pingan smiled and said to Xia Ning.

"I listened to my classmates!" Xia Ning whispered, "I didn't say that I was coming, it must be very expensive..."

"Yes Your brother, I’m here, don’t worry, I’ve never brought you here before, so you should come and experience it today..."

Seeing Xia Pingan’s calm face, Xia Ning feels at ease for some reason. No matter how nervous, through childhood, as long as Xia Pingan said these words, Xia Ning would know that, really, her brother could support her when the sky fell.

Xia Pingan brought Xia Ning here, not purely for enjoyment and identity, but he knew that a safe house of the Xianghe City Order Committee was in this hotel.

Moreover, the security of the Gwangju Hotel in Dayan Country is handled by the imperial security company established by the summoner who previously retired from the National Order Commission and the elites of the fast reaction force. Living here is the safest.

Now Xianghe City is not so peaceful, taking Xia Ning to settle down in a strange place that she is not familiar with, Xia Pingan herself is not at ease.

Xia Pingan has its own identity card for the security personnel of the Imperial Security Company, which can be used when necessary.

Just now he took Xia Ning into the hotel, because they both dressed relatively casually and relaxedly, before entering the hotel door, Xia Pingan already felt the eyes of a few security guards wearing suits in the hotel lobby. Falling on him, several hidden cameras all around the lobby turned, aiming at him and Xia Ning.

With the ability of remote viewing to "look" at the hotel's security monitoring room, Xia Pingan saw that several monitors in the security room had the faces of herself and Xia Ning.

On the monitoring screen of the security room, two yellow data frames are following him and Xia Ning. After they walked to the hotel lobby, the

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