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Glorious Summoner Chapter 36

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At the center of the tribe, in the yard enclosed by the largest reed poles and mud, Xia Pingan saw her mother, the patriarch of this tribe, and ate him Come to the first meal in this world.

Shennong’s mother is an amiable but lacking dignity woman. She has kind eyes and a wise look. She sits at home with an upright back. The scepter she holds in her hand and the strong female guards around her will never Let anyone dare to despise her.

When Xia Pingan said her thoughts, everyone in the whole room stared wide-eyed incredibly stared wide-eyed at him.

"Mutual market, what is this, do you take out everyone's things for others to fetch, how can this make people willing?" The female patriarch thought while looking at Xia Pingan.

After all, what Xia Pingan just said is something that no one has thought of. It takes a little effort for everyone to understand.

"Grandma, the exchange market is to allow people in our tribes to exchange things with each other. For example, I brought a wild boar for hunting today. The wild boar will not be eaten by our family, and it will be broken after a long time. And I want a stone blade and some firewood, I can take out the extra wild boar and exchange it with others for what I want!

Some people want to eat meat with firewood.

Yes, there is a stonecutter who polishes the stone blade at home and wants to eat meat. You can use your own things to exchange wild boar with me!"

"Who would exchange it with you? Do you want to take wild boar? Should someone ask?" Shennong's elder sister asked.

For this kind of thing that has never appeared before, it is a little difficult for everyone to understand it for the first time.

"Don’t need to ask one by one, we just need to find a place in the tribe, gather people who want to exchange things, let them go there to see, exchange their own things for others’ Things, how to exchange, how to exchange more for less, are discussed by both parties. As long as both parties agree to exchange, I think everyone will be willing!" After Xia Pingan explained carefully, the female patriarch quickly understood After coming over, the female patriarch looked bright and looked at Xia Pingan with a relieved look. She was quite moved by Xia Pingan’s suggestion. More importantly, the female patriarch’s suggestion today made her understand that her son, Finally grown up, I can share the worries for the tribe and myself.

"Let you handle the operation of the tribal bazaar. You can try it. I will arrange two people to help you. At your request, the tribal bazaar can be set up in a few days. Good?"

"It will be done in three days!" Xia Pingan said confidently.

"Okay, let's see the effect in three days!" The female patriarch said, turning her head and whispering to the guard next to her. It only took a while, and the guard next to the

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