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Glorious Summoner Chapter 33

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When Xia Pingan came out, there was a boo in the arena. The boo also represented that the overwhelming majority of people present were not optimistic about Xia Pingan.

Xia Pingan just walked silently to the gladiatorial cage and came to the crystal ball of the altar, piercing her own finger with the special sharp cobra-like tail of the black cobra steel whip, Two drops of blood were dripped onto the crystal ball of the altar.

If Xia Pingan has completely condensed the secret mandala of summoner in her body at this moment, she will have a sense of the crystal ball of the altar, but Xia Pingan is still one Deity world bead from the condensed altar at this moment, so in After the blood of Xia Pingan dripped, the crystal ball of the altar still burst into blue light, indicating that Xia Pingan was not a summoner.

"The whip of punishment is about to enter the gladiatorial cage. A duel of whip and knife is about to be staged. We can see that the whip of punishment only has a whip in his hand and no shield. This will make him in the next We are at a very disadvantaged position in the fight. Is this too confident in my own steel whip or arrogant lack of actual combat experience? It will be revealed in a moment..."

The host’s provocative voice is fighting. Reverberating in the field, Xia Pingan had already walked into the gladiatorial cage, and the gladiatorial cage behind him was locked up.

"Gentlemen and ladies, there is still 3 minutes, please place your bets as soon as possible. This will be a suspenseful duel..."

The 180-second countdown has begun.

"Boy, this is not a place for a pretty boy like you who is suitable for catwalks on the runway to come. Later I can disassemble your whole body into individual parts..." Ren Xiong Butcher On the opposite side of the gladiatorial cage, panting heavily, looking at Xia Pingan with bloody eyes.

Xia Pingan didn’t look at the scum. He just lowered his head and looked at the black cobra on his hand with an emotional gaze. One hand gently stroked the diamond pattern on the steel whip. .

The black cobra is very heavy, much heavier than it looks, especially the handle part of this black cobra, which is exactly like the open neck before the cobra attack, the metal joints and the feet It was more than 20 centimeters wide. Then, the steel whip narrowed all the way...

The metal joints of the entire steel whip are made of platinum and tungsten steel. The density of platinum is heavier than that of gold. Here, this small-looking steel whip can generate the most kinetic energy when it is swung.

The tip of the steel whip is like the tail section of a cobra. It has a sharp metal cone like a sharp bullet. The metal cone is made of aluminum-titanium alloy, which is light and light. hard.

There is a huge material density and weight attenuation between

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