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Glorious Summoner Chapter 32

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Xia Pingan slowly warmed up in the room, doing exercises while watching the situation in the court, waiting for her next game.

Remote vision ability was expanded. He saw Yan Duo wearing a mask appear in a box on the high platform opposite the arena, looking condescendingly at the arena.

Yan Duo glanced at the lounge where he was.

Several blonde beauties with big long legs and small waist in swimsuits entered the gladiatorial cage holding a few signs. The signs were shields and swords. Seeing these signs appeared, The atmosphere in the entire arena suddenly became noisy again.

A male host wearing a shiny black evening gown entered the gladiatorial cage and introduced the next game with a very contagious voice.

"Gentlemen and ladies, next is the long-awaited most exciting and cruel weapon battle. The first one to play is Jack the wolf from Europe..."

The spotlight in the field hits a passage, and a white man wearing a wolf mask, holding a shield and a wolf fang club walked out of the passage, raised his hands, showing his strong muscles, and greeted him at the same time Cheers in the field.

"Jack the wolf is a formidable killing machine. His record of weapon combat in the death arena is 23 games, 19 wins, 3 draws, and 1 loss. The only loss that time He lay in bed for half a year. Jack the wolf after healed more like a bloodthirsty wolf. In the second game after healed, he set the record for the fastest kill ever, 15 seconds. ,..."

"Although Jack the wolf is an old man in the arena of death, we still follow the rules of the tournament. Before entering the gladiatorial cage, Jack the wolf needs to conduct a circle bead integration test. This kind of inspection is to ensure that those who enter the gladiatorial cage are not summoners. This is a fair duel of non-summoners..."

Jack the wolf rushed to the gladiatorial cage, and outside the gladiatorial cage, he bit his own Two drops of blood were dripped on a blue sphere with a diameter of more than 20 centimeters on my finger. The blue sphere glowed with blue light after a few seconds.

"After the test of the crystal ball of the altar, Jack the wolf is still Jack the wolf, without condensing the altar, Jack the wolf is welcome to enter..."

Jack the wolf is crazy With a roar, he took the wolf fang club and shield and entered the gladiatorial cage first, holding up the weapon and shield in his hand, roaring wildly, showing his muscles, walking back and forth in the gladiatorial cage, like patrolling his territory Wild wolf.

"The next thing to play is the blood warrior from Japan. The blood warrior is the Martial Dao Cultivator walking on the edge of life and death. His record of weapon combat in the death arena is 11 games, 11 wins, and so far. No failure yet..."

On the other side of the passage, a man carrying a long and one s

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