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Glorious Summoner Chapter 35

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Xia Pingan opened her eyes again and found herself lying in a deep grass.

The sky above his head was a bit dazzling blue, and the clouds were white as if they had been bleached. By his side, there were half-human dog-tail grasses with a stick in his mouth.

Xia Pingan sat up all of a sudden and looked at her body. He was wearing animal skins, with bone chains on his wrists and neck, and a sharply sharpened waist. Stone sickle.

Here is a small hillside near the river. Not far away, there are a large area of ​​tribes and houses. Those houses have been built on the ground, built with mud, wood and reeds.

The tribe is full of smoke and smoke. In that tribe, there is another mud pit. Numerous young people are stepping on the mud with their feet, stomping the mud in the mud pit, and drying it with water. The dried blades of grass are well mixed.

Some people traveled between the tribe and the lake, using bamboo pipes to hit the water back on the lake, and fell into the mud.

Some people took out the mud stepped in the mud pit, placed it on the open space next to it, and patted the mud in a rough square shape with a wooden board to dry it.

There are already a lot of dried mud blocks on the ground. Those dried mud blocks are taken not far away piece by piece. The mud blocks and reeds are used to build up Simple new house.

Is this the era of Shennong? The ancient people's technology in building houses has improved a lot!

Xia Pingan looked at the large tribe in the distance. From the perspective of the number of houses in the tribe, the population of this tribe is quite large, at least tens of thousands.

The house of the tribe has been moved from the tree to the ground, and the main material for building the house has become soil. The grass stems in the soil play the role of steel reinforcement in the concrete. Let the mud bricks no longer loose after drying.

Some people in the tribe wear clothes wrapped in animal skins, and some wear clothes woven from leaves of grass and leaves. Judging from the curling smoke, it seems that fire has been completely popularized and productive Has been further released.

And those houses built with reed poles and mud bricks are large and small, and the things on the outside of the houses of different sizes are also different. This shows that different families in a tribe have already Poor and rich.

Some primary-level division of labor in the primary society may have appeared. For example, some people use stone axes and stone blades to chop wood. Some people are good at hunting, some are good at making leather, and some are good at making leather. Polishing stone tools, some people are good at picking fruits, or weaving clothes...

In some empty places in the tribe, there are some wild fruits on the ground, and there are many animal skins an

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