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Glorious Summoner Chapter 37

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Four days later, in the secret room of the safe house, Xia Pingan opened her eyes, her eyes still a little confused, as if she had just woke up from a big dream.

He once again "takes a look" at the summoner secret mandala in his Sea of ​​Consciousness that has just been completely condensed. The mandala, after fusing this Deity world bead, has expanded compared to before. Hundreds of times, it evolved into an ancient tribe covering an area of ​​more than one square kilometer.

In the middle of the tribe, is a simple and dignified shrine built with stones and giant trees. Compared with the caves and small huts before, this shrine has revealed a somewhat magnificent imposing manner. Outside the temple, there are 7th grade granite steps.

The sacred fire in the temple is blazing and has turned into a huge fire altar, spewing out from the ground, and the relief on the jade wall of the temple has more parts of Shennong.

The sky above the temple is a huge algae dome. Below algae is the sacred fire, and above algae, there are golden divine force light clusters.

Xia Pingan The divine force obtained by merging the Deity world beads this time is 30 points, plus the previous 40 points of divine force, so the golden divine force light groups all add up to 70 points.

The relief of Shennong is a scene where Shennong led countless tribesmen to open up wasteland in the middle of the wilderness, and the tribe prospered and prospered.

Several old tribesmen were full of excitement, half kneeling in front of Shennong, holding the harvested rice, millet, millet, wheat and other crops in both hands. There were also some technicians beside them, holding various kinds of crops. Some of the utensils, pottery, arrows, Lei Lei, and some people were holding various medicine ingredients picked from the Great Wilderness in their hands, and some musicians were playing with musical instruments, and everyone was full of joy.

Everyone surrounds Shennong, as if all the stars cup themselves around the moon.

Among them, a farmer holding rice, millet, rice, and wheat in both hands, a craftsman holding a clay pot in his left hand holding an arrow, and a medicinal basket on his back. The characters with a lot of herbs in the basket are especially vivid, as if they can come out of the relief.

When Xia Pingan touched with consciousness, these three people seemed to be able to walk down from the Yubi tree trunk.

This should be the summon position of three characters obtained this time, a farmer, a mechanic, and a Medicine Pill Master!

The tribe outside the temple is another scene.

Next to the tribe, there are green hills with smoke in the distance, a big river flowing with ink rhyme, and faintly discernible ink paintings of people and houses. There are thousands of families and large tracts of farmland, Xia

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