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Glorious Summoner Chapter 34

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Xia Pingan just got dressed in the lounge when Yan Duo came.

"Good job, let's go!" Yan Duo laughed at Xia Pingan, and Xia Pingan followed him out of the lounge.

The two left the death arena unimpeded all the way, then took the elevator back to the underground parking lot, until they got into the car, the two took off their masks.

Yan Duo rushed out of the underground parking lot with the black Q7, and came to the lively street outside, only to see the sun again.

The street outside is full of traffic, pedestrians are like weaving, shopping malls and roadside shops are all open normally, there are old men playing chess beside the flower beds on the street, and children riding Bicycle on the sidewalk... …

Such a scene, compared with the blood and death that I saw and experienced in the death arena just a short distance away, this strong contrast will make life feel such an absurd feeling of reality.

"Is this death arena acquiesced by the Committee of Order?" Xia Pingan, who was sitting in the car, asked.

"The order in Underground World is also order!" Yan Duo looked at the road with a flat tone, and continued to drive the car. "The history of the death arena is not shorter than that of the Commission of Order. It has many places in the world. The country has operations. Of course, in Dayan, the Order Committee has a cooperative relationship with them. Rather than let these thrill-seeking wealthy people in the country run around the world with a lot of cash chicks and all kinds of confidential information every day. Go, it’s better to put them under our eyes and stare at them and let them for me to use. You can’t stop those who die here. Don’t let them die here, they will die elsewhere. ......"

This is indeed the truth!

"By the way, why did you think of using a whip?" Yan Duo actively asked Xia Pingan a question, "Your whip, within the attack range, has the formidable power of bullets, it's rare!"

"The whip is a weapon that can maximize the mechanical characteristics of the weapon, and I am afraid of death, and I don't want to let people get close!" Xia Pingan said.

"hahaha, you are much more interesting than indifferent words!" Yan Duo laughed. "Get to know me officially. My name is Yan Duo, Captain of the provincial government Yan Ziying!"

"Yan Ziying?"

"You can understand it as the provincial summoner special mobile squad. We are also affiliated with the National Order Commission and have an official status, but at the same time relatively free. As long as the province is completed every year After the designated task, the rest of the time is relatively free. I am the contractor of this squad, and several brothers follow me to eat together!” Yan Duo explained.

Xia Pingan nodded, also formally introduce herself, "Xia Pingan, a newcomer to the Special Operations Off

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