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Glorious Summoner Chapter 38

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Summoner is also a person. If you are a person, you can't avoid these trivial things in life. If a summoner wants to rent a house, he must also pay the rent, and Xia Pingan is not a summoner before.

Xia Pingan laughed at herself and didn't take the new landlord's matter seriously. The new landlord at worst increased the rent by a few hundred yuan, which he didn't care about.

Ending the call, putting down the phone, Xia Pingan went directly to the bathroom, and took a shower happily.

According to Doctor Huang, this is the last time that the divine force initiation removes impurities from the body, equivalent to wash the marrow and exchange the tendons shedding body, exchanging bones.

In the future, after the successful integration of other world beads, although there will be divine force initiation to improve your physique, there will be no more impurities in the body.

After taking a shower, drying my hair and changing to the set of clean clothes I brought with me, I refreshed and walked out. Xia Pingan saw Yan Duo already sitting in the living room. It is estimated that he was taking a shower. I'll be back right away.

"Didn't expect that it took you four days to integrate the Deity beads..." Yan Duo looked at Xia Pingan's complexion, laughed, "It seems that you should have successfully integrated this time. !"

"Well, luck!" Xia Pingan was already packing her own things, "If there is nothing wrong, I will be back to Xianghe today!"

Yan Duo didn't ask at all. The situation of Xia Pingan people merging with Deity world beads is just nodded, "It's okay here, I will take you to the province in a moment!"


Yan Duo Suddenly, his expression became serious, "However, consider my previous suggestion. You have now fully condensed the Foundation Establishment Boundary Bead to become a summoner, but the Summoning Spell method you now master is still very simple. You only master some basic Summoning Spell. In the future, if you want to improve your divine force and strength, and master more Summoning Spell methods, you can only continue to integrate with other world beads. I know that Director Mo is worried that I will dig his corner. You must have reminded you, but you have to Follow me, I dare not say anything else. As for the Realm Bead, I can at least secure two Realm Beads for you in a year. If you agree to come over, I can get you a Slave Boundary Bead tomorrow!"

"Slave bead?"

"Well, after fusion, you can summon the slave. This slave bead is also one of summoner's favorite world beads. It is integrated with the slave world. The failure rate of the beads is less than one percent, and the success rate is the highest. Once integrated, in addition to the Fireball Technique, you will have another character summon that can be directly used in combat, and the ability to save lives

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