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Glorious Summoner Chapter 110

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The bullets of the sniper rifle attracted four magic fire spiders, one magic liquid spider, and seven magic rats here.

This is a sports ground for a middle school in Northwest of Xinchuan City.

The magic fire spider that was hit in the head by the armour-piercing incendiary of a sniper rifle, and a magic mouse that was hit by the armour-piercing incendiary bomb and scorched a large piece of body fur, following the bullet. He rushed into the school and came to the sports field.

And waiting for them is just a Black Tortoise, and two elite slave soldiers set up a killing game.

Black Tortoise's restraint against magic fire spiders and magic liquid spiders is too strong, one bite, no accident, those magic fire spiders, magic liquid spiders, there is no chance to resist.

Black Tortoise's body is like a cloud of black water, carrying a powerful and terrifying water-based ice cold energy. The cold energy has a ghostly breath. One attack can annihilate those big spiders. Everything is alive.

And the elite slave soldiers are ka beng fragile when facing the magic mouse. Those magic rats that are hit in the head by a sniper rifle will not die, they will be killed by the elite slave soldiers in the blink of an eye. One of his guns was nailed to the ground.

Xia Pingan also discovered only a few days ago that the Black Tortoise that he came out of summon is not static, but will change. With the ability of Black Tortoise, he just figured out the tip of the iceberg.

The Black Tortoise that comes out of the divine force summon at 36 points is slightly larger than his palm, and can only dissipate after one attack.

The Black Tortoise that comes out of the divine force summon at 72 points is twice as big as before and can attack twice.

This time, Black Tortoise, which consumes 180 summon points, is already like a small grinding disc, majestic and majestic. When the five big spiders and seven magic rats rush in, the black Tortoise One is the size of the grinding disc. Opening his mouth, a black chill rolled over.

The figures of the five big spiders and the seven magic mice were instantly frozen by the black chill, and their actions were suddenly slowed down and turned into slow motion.

The elite slaves threw their spears...

Black Tortoise did not touch the ground, stepped on a few black waves, and rushed in front of which big spiders, snake-shaped heads With another mouth, five black water balls flew out of Black Tortoise's mouth and landed on the five big spiders. Hoar frost was condensed on the five big spiders, and the vitality was instantly annihilated.

Black Tortoise also disappeared.

The guns of the two elite slave soldiers were still flying out. In the blink of an eye, there was frost on the ground in this small school playground, and there were no more monsters.

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