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Glorious Summoner Chapter 109

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After eating three Level 1 Divine Strength Pills and two first Divine Pills, Xia Pingan’s divine force has increased by a full 70 points, and the divine force just consumed has been directly restored to 90 points. Level.

Just now he had 89 points of divine force before he went out. Now, when he goes out, not only the divine force is fully restored, but also 1 point more. There are two more peasant women who can work in the secret mandala. I have 10 more rune bullets and 25 strong body pills in my hand, and this extra thing is a profit.

During the day, everyone carefully hid in the house in the special logistics department. No one went out, and even Xia Pingan stopped.

If you provoke magic rats and those big spiders during the day, a little movement can easily attract a lot of them and it is not easy to escape, so it is best to rest during the day.

Danger lurks on every side outside.

No one went out, but within a kilometer of the special logistics area, during the whole day, there were two dangers of neither too big nor too small.

One dangerous situation was at noon, when three magic rats approached the end of the runway of the special equipment department. The few magic rats wandered on the grass for a while, looking at the desolate appearance of the base. Wandering outside the runway for more than ten minutes, tearing the wire fence between the runway and the grass to make a big hole, a magic mouse ran on the runway and walked around, and finally the three magic mice got into the woods left.

The appearance of these three magic rats scared the two soldiers guarding outside into a cold sweat.

Xia Pingan was able to see in the room with remote viewing ability, and he was ready to take action at any time.

After the three magic rats left, after two o’clock in the afternoon, another magic fire spider and a phantom monster appeared on the road near the base. These two The closest thing is less than 400 meters from the base.

There is a small town and a water plant near the base of the special logistics department. There are some buildings. These buildings in the base are not very obtrusive, the magic fire spider and the phantom monster. The demon didn't seem to have any plans to come here, but went to a nearby town to wander around.

Finally, it's dark.

Tonight is still dark clouds covering the moon, and visibility is very low after dark.

The fighters who were about to leave were fed and drunk. They also carried a lot of food and ammunition. They wore night vision devices on their heads. When Xia Pingan was sure that there were no monsters around, the 107 Aerobatic Brigade The company commander Wu Guolin took the fighters and the people who had fled and quietly left the base.

They dare not take the big road. The big road is the evacuation route of 87 Legion and Xin

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