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Glorious Summoner Chapter 113

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The airport is still the same as last night, and the bodies of the magic rats and fire spiders are still in place.

These are spoils of war. Xia Pingan can't waste it. He started from outside the airport, picked it up all the way, and loaded all the bodies of three magic fire spiders and eleven magic rats into the Space Warehouse. Inside.

After finishing picking up the corpses of these monsters, Xia Pingan thought of Man Zijin’s image in her head. Once she closed her eyes and took a look with remote vision ability, she immediately found Man Zijin’s silhouette. At this moment, Man Zijin was in a forest of sweetgum trees outside the airport barracks.

Man Zijin was wearing auspicious clothes, letting himself lie under the leaves of a pile of sweetgum trees, using the scope of his sniper rifle to look at the airport.

This is waiting for myself to come back.

Xia Pingan walked out of the barracks area and ran directly towards the forest of sweetgum trees.

A few seconds later, the walkie-talkie I carried with me rang.

"Sir, I have seen you. The emergency passage of the underground ammunition storehouse is in the sweetgum tree more than 500 meters east of you, sir. I am also inside the sweetgum tree at the moment..." Man Zijin's relieved voice sounded inside.

"I saw you too, I will come soon..." Xia Pingan said, and quickly passed through the area between the barracks and the sweetgum grove, and came to the fiery red area. Within the sweetgum woods.

Man Zijin got up from a pile of leaves, carried his sniper rifle, and ran over happily.

"Sir, are you okay?"

"It's okay!"

"The exit of the emergency passage of the underground ammunition depot of the airport is in this forest..." While talking, Man Zijin ran with Xia Pingan moved towards the forest.

The ground inside this sweetgum grove is not too flat, and there are some exposed rocks in many places. It is already outside the military airport and separated from the airport by a wire fence. .

Most people might not have imagined that in the woods outside the military airport barracks, there is an emergency access to the underground ammunition depot of the airport.

This design is indeed clever.

Man Zijin took Xia Pingan to walk several hundred meters in the forest, and came to a place where there were more rocks on the ground. Man Zijin pointed to a huge maple in the forest. Fragrant tree, made a gesture to the sweetgum tree. Xia Pingan looked over and found that in the hole above the tall sweetgum tree, there was a surveillance camera cleverly hidden, and the camera was hidden in the hole. Here, only the camera is facing this rocky area.

A stone the size of a millstone is like the mouth of a missile silo. It suddenly opened from a pile of rocks, revealing a dark hole under the stone, and Shi Yunhao’s head was

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